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  1. Ok. After a lengthy talk with tech support, I do have a working resolution to my issue. It is now fixed. Make sure you update to the latest beta drivers after this, and latest video card drivers and video card bios. steps are: This is how: 1. Unplug the Display port from your PC2. Navigate to SteamVR > Settings > Developer3. Click on “Remove all SteamVR USB Devices” and click “yes”.4. Once this is complete, quit SteamVR.5. Restart your PC.6. Plug the Display port back in. This fixed the issue completely. Thank you to Jerson C. from HTC support for spending an at length repair diagnosis with me.
  2. Ok so i've tried both. I'm noticing 2 things. 1. on beta the backdrop is white, no pass through camera. on developer it's black. 2 vive console is the same color and has issue shutting down. I have to force shut it off manually everytime. Suggestions?
  3. Yes, i'm familiar with this. These ae checked.
  4. Yes i did. It shows the border but not the pass through. Even when i do a fresh setup, it's white not passthrough. started this latest update. I have to do room setups everytime i switch from my standing VR games to sitting anyways, because how my room is configured. So.. 1. I need to turn back on the passthrough. Do i hold the side button or something? 2. Can i setup profiles or just go from sitting to standing without doing room setup over and over? Thank you!
  5. It seems after the latest update, when i go to use "room setup", and have to draw the border for my play area... the background is no longer the passthrough camera. It's solid white, which makes drawing my play area very hard. I have to use room setup a lot, as my games require 2 different areas. One for sitting games, and one for standing active games. I can't even see the floor to adjust floor height. However I can see all the htc stuff. The VR headset works fine too except this. I have turned on the passthrough camera in Steam VR. I've also tried double clicking the triangle button. Neither seems to help. So 2 questions. 1. how do i fix my HTC cosmos where i can see the passthrough camera again in setup? Does it have anything to do with the headset button on the side or am i missing something? 2. Is there a way to setup "profiles", so i dont have to constantly resetup my room when i switch from standing to seated games? Thanks!
  6. Tracking is very poor, even in well lit room. Issue is for example in shooting games, like VRBrigade 1 and 2. I fully extend my gun (controller) to use. The visual representation of the gun jumps around, both back and forth and random places. My hand is steady and still. I have tested with several friends of various height and skill level. The camera or headset has trouble maintaining a steady placement in game. This makes shooting games unplayable, as my gun will jump around randomly. So i can't accurately shoot, as the gun ends up in places I'm not aiming. I'm using the beta. Also I've updated the firmware on everything, and reset the play area. I've been unhappy with this unit from the start. However, i gave the company time to fix bugs. Now it's a serious issue that needs to be addressed. I've owned the original htc vive, the vive pro, and now the vive cosmos. The cosmos has to be the worst of the 3. Is there any fix to my issue? I purchased DIRECT from HTC, not a 3rd party vendor.
  7. I do not have any of my older vive equipment. Sold it as i thought the Cosmos was an upgrade. Obviously that's not the case. So to get what i had, i'd need tracking stations, wands, and a faceplate. All of which to add to a headset i've spent a lot of money on at launch. This is the 3rd time HTC has screwed me over as an early buyer of VR headsets from HTC. I'm feeling cheated and exploited. Anyone else feeling like that?
  8. Is anyone else wondering why existing Vive cosmos owners can't buy an elite upgrade kit? The face plate is removable. With all the issues current Vive cosmos owners have, I.E. can't play archery games due to bad tracking, a lot of games not liking the cosmos so vast compatibility issues, etc. I have deformed hands from a disability at birth, can't use the existing Vive Cosmos controllers hardly at all. I'd love an upgrade kit where i can use the older Vive controllers! Is there any info on this? Anyone else feel a little raw about HTC's disregard for existing Vive cosmos owners? @C.T. @stvnxu
  9. How are you aiming the bow and sniper rifles? I shoot bows in real life. It requires you to draw near your face. What are you doing that makes the experience better for you? Also my walls are textured, I have Phillips HUE bulbs on bright. So is your technique modified? Would you explain the actual body movements you're using please?
  10. Seems everytime i start my Vive cosmos, i have to fight with the following cycle: vive console loads steam vr loads steam vr crashes steam vr restarts in safe mode steam vr works but now vive console does not restart both and same issue just repeats. after several attempts, reinstalls of steam vr, file validations, or just trying repeatedly it just magicially decides to work. I've noticed it prefers to launch in steam VR home to be stable. Which I actually prefer to the viveport. so questions. Is there a way to fix this? I've tried beta, stable release, reinstalls, same issues. is there a way with the cosmos to set it to just use steam vr home instead of the viveport? Viveport seems to have an issue finding all my games anyways, so i prefer Steam VR home. @stvnxu
  11. So due to the way the vive cosmos tracks the hand controllers, pretty much every Archery game experience is awful now. The sniper games are awful as well. When I go to use the bow or sniper rifle, it loses accurate tracking because i'm so close to my face. Using the other two HTC VR headsets, this was not an issue. Both were excellent experiences. However, to play archery and use a bow properly, i can't find a way for this to work. Any suggestions?
  12. I appreciate your thoughts. Upon calling MSI back, we tried various VBios to get it to work. I can now say this headset IS WORKING. Here's the fix. Use latest Nvidia drivers, use Vbios 86.04.7D.00.37 (it must be that version!), flash system and reboot, use Vive Cosmos Beta software, and Mini DP 1.4 to Mini DP 1.4 cable. Then system works as intended. You must use that EXACT setup or headset will NOT WORK!. Thank you.
  13. I have reached out to MSI. They have told me i'm using the latest version of Vbios that are available. My VBios version is: 86.04.7D.00.29 The mini displayport and hdmi are setup to use the GTX 1070 GPU. The system simply does not function. The headset does not ever show any picture. I'll I get mostly are the 210 error and a red light on the headset.
  14. To date I have attempted using the following. I used the HTC cable with high speed 4K Hdmi adapter. i've tried two mini displayport 1.4 to mini displayport 1.4 cables. This still yields the exact same issue. These adapters and cables are: Cable Matters Mini displayport to Mini Displayport cable in black 6 feet - 4k resolution ready Cable Matters Mini Displayport to Displayport Adapter (mini DP to DP) in black- 4k ready- Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 compatible. Used this with provided Cable from HTC HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Converter Adapter Cable,QGeeM 20Cm 4K x 2K HDMI to Mini DP Adaptor for HDMI Equipped Systems,Compliant with VESA Dual-Mode DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and HDCP I'm using the newest available BIOS for this laptop, E17C5IMS.10F, Also I'm using the newest video card drivers. Nvidia Geforce Driver 436.48 Release Date 10/1/19 To date I've wasted 150$ in adapters and cables and been unable to use this VR headset on a "VR ready" laptop that more than exceeds minimum technical requirements. I still get error 210 Compositor is Disconnected, or headset needs go be restart. I've tried installing beta version of vive system and drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling everything. The laptop knows the headset is there, reads hand controllers, no display in headset (only get red light on side). Am I going to be compensated for my time, cables, and RMA cost? Is there a fix for this? I'd like to use what I paid for please or be refunded everything so I can buy a system that actually works.
  15. Yes, I verified twice. Latest BIOS and latest drivers are on system. Still experiencing issue.
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