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  1. Don't know how to remove this post so I shall just reply for others with a similar issue. I checked my battery cable by swapping it with the link box USB and that fixed it. It was just a janky usb cable...
  2. There was a recent update for the Vive on SteamVR and the Vive wireless software that is most likely causing my issue. This issue, is that when I connect to SteamVR my headset will suddenly turn off and will continue to do so every time I move it. Restarting everything doesn't help and I've already tried reinstalling all the programs that my Vive uses to no avail. For SteamVR it says I need to move my headset while Vive wireless tells me that the headset has been disconnected. I just want to play some beat saber 😞 (PS I think the link box should still be showing up in the USB device list on SteamVR but mine isn't, and I've tried everything for that as well).
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