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  1. I'm starting a thread on confirmed working batteries for the vive cosmos wireless. I am currently using the Omnicharge Ultimate which works great with the cosmos wireless, although a bit heavy. Please only post confirmed batteries. This should be helpful for those looking for extra batteries.
  2. Has anyone figured out how to get classic locomotion working on any of the Serious Sam VR games. It sees the controller as a vive controller and the joysticks won't work as a touchpad. I've tried the work around copying the openvr_api.dll for Fallout VR but that doesn't work.
  3. I am using the Vive Cosmos over wireless with the Vive Pro adapter kit. I am experiencing random audio drops for about 1-5 seconds before the audio comes back on. During the drops the video plays smoothly. The drops are very random. Sometimes they come every 30 seconds, and somtimes I can go an hour without any drops. I did not have any drops on wired. I am currently using a Omnicharge Ultimate to power the HDM. I am using a i7 5820K, Asus Deluxe x99 motherboard. ROG Strix ASUS RTX 2080ti. 16Gb DDR4 RAM 2400. Windows 10 Pro version 1903. I don't know if is a issue with my computer or due to the drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I am able to get it working using an Omnicharge Ultimate. Beta drivers must be installed to get wireless working. An anker 20000 mAh.\ using the vive pro adapter kit. I have had limited success with the anker 20000mAh powerbank it cuts out randomly when the power requirements get too high. For now I game with the Omnicharge in a backpack to the large size.
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