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  1. Its perfectly normal for it not to be supported, i highly doubt they wont add support for the 30 series. Alternitivly it could also be nvidias fault for not supporting the cosmos. who knows.
  2. I don't know about others but this is a big step forward in terms of tracking performance. Played a few rounds of pavlov, both online and off and found that tracking feels alot better when in rifle stance. Still some fidgety parts but still alot better.
  3. Front two are the pass through cameras, and the side ones i believe work in tandem with the front ones specifically for creating the play space on the elite.
  4. Finally gotten around to try this version, but i have noticed that the pass thru camera is no longer working. It doesnt activate when you press the vive button twice, the button on the headset or walking outside the boundry, i have made sure all the settings are on but no luck.
  5. I doubt any updates regarding tracking for the OG cosmos will be coming out until covid has been stamped out. There hasn't been any since it was in full swing so i doubt, only been software and ui updates since. Considering they are still revising and sellings the og cosmos, they must think they can fix it. As for refund depends on how strong your ombudsman game is. In simple nowhere will give you a refund straight up for just a simple claim of tracking. You will have to start tickets and conversations with both Vive and the place of purchase to show proof you have tried everything first, then put in your want for a return and wait for them to get back to you with mostly a no then escalate to your countries consumers ombudsman with the tickets and transcripts that you have reached out to both sides. It will also be viable to go back through some of these posts where Vive representatives have stated they will continue to work on tracking updates and use that for your case.
  6. .... apple is not consumer friendly, they place placebo fans that doesn't blow air on any anything in their laptops which then just die later from over heating expecting the consumer to bring it back to charge them to repair it.
  7. In the same boat, agreed, they need some sort of upgrade program for previous adopters where we pay the difference between the normal and eliete and get the faceplater/controllers and basestation. In the mean time if you adjust your grip on the controllers as if you where showing your wrists (the under side) so both the light sensors on the controllers can be seen clearly in a line of site, it helps quite a bit for rifle operations. Some games like half life alyx has some excellent programming that makes dual handed operation of a weapon work wonderfully. It shows that game developers have to put in the effort also for games to work on the vive cosmos.
  8. Maybe i"m misinterpreting your second line but you seem to of taking the tone of comment the wrong way.
  9. am i the only one wondering what happened to updates to
  10. Id like to know about the cable also, i doubt there is, but you could try to look for some longer cables for the usb 3.0 and dp to mini dp cables that connects to your computer. and just have the link box in the same room near a power point. (that would probably be easier to find then the all in one cable going from the headset to the linkbox. As for compatibility you will have to look into that one. Once you put the tracking faceplate on the original cosmos controllers wont work, You will need to get some base station compatible controllers (knuckles, vive controller ect) get 1.0 base stations if the room is smaller then 3.5m X 3.5m - 2.0 base stations for bigger rooms up to 5x5m No it is not compatible with windows 7, windows 10 really isn't that bad
  11. I wish, they sent out a email about the end of financial year sale which had the upgrade kit (faceplate, base stations and controllers) and it was $949 AUD. which was marked down from $1000+ AUD That is ridiculous.
  12. There is no tracking updates this public release, it looks like they kept out the tracking part of the update and just released the software part. I could be wrong but it doesn't say in the notes any changes have been made to tracking since the last public release, which is good because as i remember it the last public release state of tracking was better then the last few betas.
  13. Gonna take a stab and say its within the steam vr settings, maybe to do with the resolution scaling when you use it in wireless mode.
  14. Over my time using the vive cosmos i have noticed that most of the tracking issues is to do with Light, and how far away/close the controllers are to each other or the head set. Could a fix be made by providing more cameras?, Not on the headset but in the form of lighthouses? Have them set up in opposite corners of the play space. Not sure if tracking cameras could the controllers from a further distance or not but they would be able to see them in if not most, all positions within the play space. Combined with the cameras in the head set in theory it should improve the tracking. Any thoughts? Have you thought of any possible solutions and what are they?
  15. Why would they?, i certainly wouldn't want to with comments like yours that provide no constructive input . You want it fixed, jump on the beta and help by start sending reports , dont expect a experimental product to be perfect just because its on sale to the consumer.
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