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  1. hamez88

    Cover Pad

    After squishing them a bit it did feel a bit better, Still not as supported as the oem foam but you are correct i do find these to be more comfortable and it does bring you closer to the sweet spot, unfortunately it does let in a bit more light, but meh im not that bothered by it.
  2. ouu thats a good idea, i found out how but its a bit of a work around. Its a setting in the vive console to clear environment data and then it opens up room setup after you click on the clear button, the kicker is to click it the Headset has to be on, you can either click on it normally or double press the vive button on the left controller to bring up the steam overlay, select to view desktop and click it that way also. It would be awesome if they put the option to clear the enviroment data and do room setup into the vive lens dashboard though.
  3. I remember reading in few patch notes ago that they added the option to redo the room setup but i cant find the option in lens to do so. Were would one go to do this, preferably without resetting all the settings? (i don't really want to go through the first time setup again) lol
  4. hamez88

    Cover Pad

    Ill give it another try with that method. Cheers
  5. hamez88

    Cover Pad

    I just got mine now, dont know if its defective but it is most definetily not as thick as it in the picture, the head set does not sit on my face anymore and without the support of it sitting on my face it wobbles alot. If it was the proper product its a swing and miss for sure. Lucky it was cheap.
  6. hamez88

    Rev 1?

    I would like to assume it would be in their best interest to offer a some sort of compensation upgrade program to early adopters if they had a rev 2 coming out that completely fixed the tracking. They have been pretty good about the whole situation so far, especially the forum mods, taking on feedback from a bunch of people.
  7. You are not forced to buy faceplate mod or basestations, its optional. Also that is the whole point of HTC updating the vive cosmos constantly so you can use rifles in game without the tracking dropping. I wouldnt really say its a meme in the public eye though,
  8. Not selling you on anything, I'm giving you a description of the audience that this particular HMD (vive cosmos) is directed to compared to your example of a alternative HMD (Valve index) that is directed a different Vr audience. If you are talking about the official website for the external tracking faceplate , it doesn't say steam vr compatible base stations or 2.0 are required it says the " *SteamVR™ compatible base stations and controllers sold separately. " because they are pictured in the advertisement with the advertisement. Its typical advertising strategies (also the original base stations are steam vr compatible) As far as i know, no official word of pricing, just speculations from scattered news sites. Yes i know the reddit forum for the Australian importer of the valve index, and its $2000+ once you add all the little extras such as freight, tax of the current country you buy it from, tax for importing it, customs clearance fees, and broker fees , the service you use to redirect the parcel, and exchange rate cost. its over 2k Its basically the first thing that pops up on google if you search for import valve index to australia, it is cheaper then getting the 1.0 base stations and controllers, but defeats the purpose of having a modular HMD.
  9. Unless if you were going beyond a 15m2 play area you would would not be buying 2.0 base stations, you would also not get the vive pro controllers either, the $110 price increase is not worth the changes in any way. you would spend only 1100 on the upgrades 200 for each box and each controller. There is no way you can get the index shipped here under $2000 all up, no matter what method you do. They only way would be traveling to a country that sells it, buying it and returning on the plane with it if you want it under 2000. Even then you basically loose the warranty as we live in a country that valve does not sell it to so god forbid it get damaged or is DOA. Either way if you were to get a static HMD that you can only use in one spot you would go for something that has light houses that you mount to were ever like a vive, pro index. Though the cosmos's strong selling point is the flexibility of being a HMD that will do both inside out and lighthouse tracking and be used in situations were you can use the inside out for that sitting game in a study and the lighthouse tracking for your more moving, precised action games. Not to mention the wireless (although i have never tried it wireless, it seems to be solid) Even though its not at a point were it can do the moving precised shooting sort of games with the inside out, its still a headset that has a wide range of application use.
  10. Personally i still believe its in the software, considering how the outline mode passthrough camera works, (that it can even pick up the faintest of outlines in my shadow, and the finest lines of individual books on a shelf. https://imgur.com/a/GolYBwm (The first two screenshots are from months ago back in november (where the 3rd screen shot is from January,) you can see how they have improved the tracking They will figure out the correct algorithm in time. It may of hurt the launch of the headset but its not a dead headset, its still very playable on most games and the games its not playable on are more shooting games or toms favorite angry birds slingshot.
  11. Here in Australia we consider the Index to be folklore, at the very least a fable
  12. Wow this is getting bad very quick, thank god all Australians are protected under the ACCC to return it. I will still be holding onto mine as i still have faith something can be done, and its still playable in some games. and barley passable in others.
  13. " Also, whilst I'm here, I want to ask what does the blue button on the left side of this headset do (besides cause massive lag)? and the light indicator above it? " This button activates the passthrough camera (good for when you put on the headset and dont have your controllers in hand) The led light is just a status light, it shows when the headset is on, in sleep mode ect
  14. I activated this by accident a month ago and thought this view was a bug or that it was the steam vr version. Took me ages to figure out how to turn it back to normal.
  15. hamez88

    Cover Pad

    Cheers just ordered one for the same reasons. Will take like a month to get it though. How is the lens mod, been looking into it and wondering if its worth it. One thing i have noticed is the lesn's are smaller, would that impede FOV. And how good is the sweet spot exactly, some ebay places are saying the whole lens is the sweet spot and 100% no godrays ect. Yet youtube shows that the sweet spot is about twice as big as the regular (showing it through the camera)
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