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  1. Ummm what...... like how on earth does Call of duty have anything to do with the cosmos in any form or matter, or am i missing that there is a cod vr game or something... Other then that, i look forward to either trying out the changes or reading on Phoot thinks about them
  2. Yea i saw it today too, was super disappointed it wasn't infinity, i wont lie if i had purchased infinity and not of gotten the year sub with the cosmos i would of been very annoyed with the lack of popular titles.
  3. What is happening with the release, it said it was meant to be released on the 18th of November, which has come and gone, but it still says coming soon. Now the release date has dissappeared from the page and it says latest update to the game was the 19th of November. (back on the 18th) Does anybody know what is happening?
  4. This is great Customer Support, that the support team actually know whats going on. I look forward to the update. I also hope the developers of the games get their games updated with the Cosmos controllers asap.
  5. I have to honestly ask, what were you expecting with a new HMD that every game would work with it that the developers wouldn't have to integrate the HMD and controllers into their game?
  6. Still trying to figure it out myself.
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