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  1. Good morning all. Checked out the update and subjectively it appears to be very stable with the usual exceptions of being very close to the HMD and when the controllers are close together almost touching, still a slight bit of wobble here and there under those circumstances but it is very much better than it was for sure, otherwise I appreciate the improvements. Keep up the good work please keep them coming. Fink.
  2. I'd try replacing that cable if possible 😉
  3. Hi @C.T. and @VibrantNebula and others. I'm liking the desktop mode a lot, in particular its convenience of use and scalability as it is better to use than the Steam Desktop resize slider. Question: Is there currently a way to easily change to another monitor and back? Thanks Fink.
  4. To see if it is just a setting somewhere or actually a hardware issue I recommend going to Origin, enter the tear drop (funny symbolism that) and on the shelf next to the bed are two headsets, one is a Cosmos, pick it up and place it on your head. If it is not a hardware issue the pass through camera will turn on auto-magically or alternatively you can go fiddle with the settings in the Lens but this is easier 😉 Fink.
  5. Hi @C.T. There was no new update this month. I was wondering if there will be any further tracking improvements or have you reached the end of what is possible with this tech? Thanks fink
  6. Just curious if there are any new updates coming soon? Maybe new features for the Lens desktop mode (second monitor view, volume control). Inside out tracking is now vastly improved and very usable with the exception of close to the head. Also is there any news on the AR face plates? Are they still in development and would it require base stations to work? Fink
  7. Hi all. Does anyone know how to get Valve knuckles in Australia? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and buying the Faceplate but I really don't want to use the Vive wands as, for me, they are very old (The HTC Vive was unveiled during HTC's Mobile World Congress keynote in March 2015 and the first consumer version of the device was released in April 2016) and out of date design and cumbersome to use according to a lot of reports, especially without thumb sticks (track pads lol). Anyway 'Nuff said" on that (roaring silence in the background) so as a alternative everyone I know and don't know recommends the Knuckles as the best alternative but they aren't available normally in Australia. Can anyone recommend a solution to circumvent this next hurdle on the roadblock to VR? 🙂 Fink.
  8. Hi @C.T. Yes I tried both from within the project and also before opening one. I tried again and this time I was able to get responses under both conditions though the left click can be a bit tricky at times but yes it does work. Also tried NVIDIA control panel and this time it worked as well. Perhaps when I reported it something was going on in the background without my realizing it, doing normal PC tasks in VR can take some acclimatization I guess. There is a option to single click in the File Explorer folder options I might try that and see how it goes. Thanks for checking Cheers! Fink.
  9. Hi all. Is anyone else here noticing a lot of aliasing artifacts in The Lens, Steam Home and Origin? There's the classic stepped effect along lines and a bit of blurring like heat on a hot day effect. I thought power might have something to do with it so plugged into a different source and the Video card has three display ports so tired all of them but no change. I tried beating it with a controller and swearing at it but it just ignored me. I'm using a NVIDIA 1080ti 11gb card and have anti aliasing on , v sync off. Does anyone else have this issue? Cheers! Fink
  10. Wow that must be really annoying . I'm no expert and you should probably just log a ticket with Vive support but what you can try is making sure that all the cables are seated firmly especially one connected to the headset and also make sure you PC doesn't have power saving on. Set it to full performance otherwise that can cause similar issues. But year just log a ticket anyway in case you have a faulty unit. Fink
  11. I'm interested as well. I just tried my old Samsung Odyssey for three hours which looked really clear and was able to read text easily without any glasses (which amazed me) so to try to improve the comfort and overall visual experience while using the Cosmos (mainly because of the tiny sweet spot) I'm thinking of doing the lens mod upgrade as my warranty period is nearly up anyway (wow it's been nearly a year). Also try the forums on F.B. and Reddit or one of the people who have done Video tutorials on how to do it on YouTube as you're more likely to get a supportive response to this particular topic. G.L Fink.
  12. Sorry meant left click (must have dyslexia of the digit) also just tried it again from VR in the Epic Launcher without opening project and also no interaction. Must be the way some application hadle the mouse maybe? Fink
  13. I guess the most useful functions I'd like to use are the option to select from multiple monitors (I can only select one at the moment) and of course screen size or zoom. If you want to get really slick maybe integration with the OS voice recognition for dictation or basic commands to control apps like open, close, pause, play, copy, paste etc VR keyboards are still really clunky to use so far. Cheers Fink.
  14. Hi @C.T. and all. So I tried this update and thumbs up for the new desktop mirror. I know we already have it in the Steam pop up but it's a bit bigger which can be helpful in some situations. I jumped out of the previous beta because it seems a bit unstable in some areas tracking included but in this release the tracking seems pretty good, the release notes doesn't say anything about tracking was there any adjustments done? I didn't experience any of the issues with wireless so I can't comment but over all seems to be a good step forward in improvements. Good work and keep em' coming thanks. Fink.
  15. I just read my own post oops! I guess that is what you get for writing on a small phone screen without glasses (after a long night), so what I meant to ask, is there a firmware update pending soon and if so what are we going to see this time round in terms of tracking improvements for optical tracking if any? Also interested in what sort of challenges the team if facing with getting it to a comparable level of performance with other peer products on the market. It is it technical issues that are the problem or more resourcing and is there anything we as users can do to either assist or contribute to progressing it further (and faster) or is it a dead issue now for this product seeing it is approaching the one year mark? Hopefully someone will find these reasonable questions from a owner of this device and will respond with something. Cheers! Fink
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