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  1. Yay I can finally switch between my monitors :) The support for Vive Hand Tracking SDK on Elite is also a welcomed addition an something to play with over the Xmas break. Well done and have a Merry Christmas. Fink.
  2. Mate I would just try it on another PC (that supports VR) if possible and see if it does the same thing. If it does it's either the HMD, the Vive console box or the cables and of course if it doesn't then you have your answer and you can troubleshoot your PC further to find the culprit. I'm sure you've done all the usual things like ensuring the faceplate is securely clicked into and the data cable is firmly in place (if you move around vigorously you can pull it out during a session). Good luck and let us know what you find. Fink.
  3. @C.T. Yes you have mentioned this before but thanks but this happened with the original faceplate and controllers (inside out tracking). At the time the Elite faceplate wasn't being used and the base stations were of course off. It was odd so I thought I'd see if anyone else had the same issue. I have resolved it by going back to the main branch (not the beta) and can now access origin again with inside out tracking and also swap between the two face plates with the expected functionality but I might try going back to the beta and see if I get the same issue just out of curiosity. It seems no one else had the issue so maybe just a corrupt file or setting unique to my setup at the time. Cheers Fink.
  4. Hi all. After using the Elite faceplate and base stations for a while I thought I'd got back and re-experience the convenience of the base Cosmos I particularly like the Lens as a quick and easy launcher and while I was there I tried to load the Origin environment and it started to load with the usual swirling nebula thing and then a message on the screen saying that you need a cosmos headset to access this (not verbatim but close enough). I tried a few more times over a few days but the same result. I was using the beta version of the software so i just went back to the main steam version and I was able to load it again. I'll see if it happens again just wondering if anyone else had this issue? We should be able to swap faceplates without having to reload different version of the software to get it to load I would think assume 😞 Fink.
  5. Hi mate. I'm probably not allowed to promote any seller's commercial venture's from eBay in this forum directly but if you you can't get parts from the manufacturer for some odd reason you may as well go to eBay and type in Vive lens mod, about 9 items down the page is a full kit including the lenses and the mounting brackets with tool and instructions. The other way is to buy a old Gear VR HMD (they go really cheap but only get the BLACK model and around build date around 2016 I think) and carefully remove the lenses (chuck away the rest) then you just have to buy the 3D printed brackets for the Cosmos which cost only a few bucks. Installation is easy if you're patient and careful. I have to say they are different lenses from stock Cosmos lenses not plastic but glass (don't scratch them) but they have a much expanded sweet spot and "most" people say it's better for them both visually and comfort-wise (not so goggled and easier on the eyes) if you look on forums and YouTube but of course try at your own risk and remember it voids warranty if you still have it. Put your old lens in a scratch and dust free place as they can scratch easily. I suggest check out a few videos and posts on reddit before you try it just so you're comfortable doing it. It really isn't that difficult. Oh and make sure your in a dust free area or do it in a bath room after steaming up the room first to take the dust out of the air (let the steam dissipate of course) otherwise you will probably get some get particles on the LCD and see black dots here and there though they can be removed with care. I found it works well but don't blame me if you screw it up 😉 everyone is different in doing these things or maybe get a computer repair shop to do it if you're uncertain but I hope it helps you get more pleasure from your device. I'm surprised that support won't sell you replacement lenses, if they are damaged they normally love to sell you stuff at a great price 🙂 Fink. "Fortune favours the brave"
  6. Hi mate. If you're handy or have a computer repair shop near you why don't you just replace the lenses (both) with the lens upgrade kits for the Cosmos that you can get on eBay and other places since the HMD is probably out of warranty anyway if it's second hand, though you should check that first. If done correctly the end result is purported to be better than the original lenses by almost everyone who has tried it look it up on YouTube plenty of videos. It will definitely be in time for Christmas for the kids just make sure you get the correct ones for the Cosmos as the 3D printed lens mounts that you put into the HMD are specific for that model. It's not supported by Vive of course but I'm sure they don't care if it puts a smile on your kids faces at Christmas time. Good luck and let us know if you go ahead with it. Cheers Fink.
  7. Hi @b_boss_mx FYI: Alternatively you could look at the Index controllers. They have the advantage of working with both base stations and are a more recent and contemporary design (I think the Vive controllers are 2015 version 1 and 2018 version 2 approx.) finger tracking, improved ergonomics (love the hand straps so you don't have to hold it) great battery life (recharge via usb c) and the price is similar (try Ebay there were some good deals going) and is compatible with most software. I'm sure Vive will update their old controller design one day but as a alternative it's a good option. Fink.
  8. That's okay, if they do respond to any of it they do and if they don't they don't. It's just two reasonable questions from one of their customers I can't see any harm in asking. thanks for your response btw 😉 Fink.
  9. Hi All. Is there any news on the next Beta update for improvements and enhancements? The last one being several months ago has me wondering if there will still be more work done on the tracking. It is much more stable and very usable now but obviously there is still room for improvement with tracking, are resources and time still being allocated to this device and if so is there any time line for new updates? Also will we be able to purchase the AR faceplate any time soon? When I bought this device it was advertised that the AR faceplate would become available in coming months for the Cosmos line of products. It this still the case or has that now changed? I realise that companies are within their rights to make changes or cancel products and I can see in other forums that some developers are using it now but it is unclear about what the direction is for the general consumer. I don't have my own company but I would be interested in it from a development point of view. Any information would be appreciated thanks and please keep the momentum going. Fink.
  10. I'm curious if you have tried VTOL Vr and do you have the same issues as that is made for VR from the ground up (pardon the pun) and I haven't had too much trouble with it. I think some application \ games are optimised for VR and some less so. Cheers! Fink.
  11. Is this "offer" only for paid subscribers? I have a yearly subscription that came with the Cosmos and expires in December. Am I eligible this or only new members that didn't get the subscription with the Cosmos? Cheers! Fink.
  12. Thanks @Hernes Mine is wearing out and fraying at the top I will give it a try. As for the headset, mine is working fine and more than adequate for everything I use it for and if for some reason I need sub-millimetre accuracy I'll use the Elite face place and base stations (light houses whatever) but to be honest for most stuff @C.T. and his crew did a great job in stabilizing the wobbly controller syndrome even if it's not the best on the market (but it does use a different tech that the FB unit so hard to exactly compare). I understand the grips about the expense (maybe claim it some of it creatively back on tax?) and the time it took to fix stuff but hey in a perfect world and all that. I only hope they continue to add improvements over time to justify our investment in this product. Also doing some stuff in Unreal Engine so hoping that thy will make the AR faceplate available to the general public. Cheers! Fink.
  13. Hi @Hernes Interesting comment "Good comfort and FOV once I replaced the facial interface" so what did you replace it with if I may ask? Cheers! Fink
  14. Hi mate yeah it can be stressful when things don't appear to work. Try clicking on the Vive symbol at the top of this page (top left) and when it loads at the lower right of the open page you will see "need to contact Vive support?" click on that and follow it through. Also I think in our country (Australia for me) the online chat service opens after 10am and you will see a icon to open a chat if that suits you better though I suggest that you still log a ticket through the first process. I have a Cosmos so your setup is a bit different to mine it's better if you talk to support though check your cables and that Window isn't doing something strange with monitors. Good luck Finkl
  15. [ANSWERED] Ah okay, I sort of got used to the Lens as a launcher and I quite liked it, it's compact, neat and convenient and I like the desktop view better than the Steam version. Never mind at least I can still use it by going back to the other faceplate but it would be on my wish list (if I had one) that and the second monitor view in the Lens ;) Thanks for the response. Cheers! Fink
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