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  1. I guess the most useful functions I'd like to use are the option to select from multiple monitors (I can only select one at the moment) and of course screen size or zoom. If you want to get really slick maybe integration with the OS voice recognition for dictation or basic commands to control apps like open, close, pause, play, copy, paste etc VR keyboards are still really clunky to use so far. Cheers Fink.
  2. Hi @C.T. and all. So I tried this update and thumbs up for the new desktop mirror. I know we already have it in the Steam pop up but it's a bit bigger which can be helpful in some situations. I jumped out of the previous beta because it seems a bit unstable in some areas tracking included but in this release the tracking seems pretty good, the release notes doesn't say anything about tracking was there any adjustments done? I didn't experience any of the issues with wireless so I can't comment but over all seems to be a good step forward in improvements. Good work and keep em' coming thanks. Fink.
  3. I just read my own post oops! I guess that is what you get for writing on a small phone screen without glasses (after a long night), so what I meant to ask, is there a firmware update pending soon and if so what are we going to see this time round in terms of tracking improvements for optical tracking if any? Also interested in what sort of challenges the team if facing with getting it to a comparable level of performance with other peer products on the market. It is it technical issues that are the problem or more resourcing and is there anything we as users can do to either assist or contribute to progressing it further (and faster) or is it a dead issue now for this product seeing it is approaching the one year mark? Hopefully someone will find these reasonable questions from a owner of this device and will respond with something. Cheers! Fink
  4. Morning all. Just wondering if there it contain is another update due soon and if so what will contain? Cheers! Fink.
  5. Well good for you, sounds like you've made your decision and can go get that refund and move on. I admire people who can make a choice and follow through with positive action instead of hanging around a forum and endlessly complaining about the Cosmos, not that I object to people voicing their opinions , quite the contrary, its just not the place to be effective, if you have real concerns about the product report it directly to product support or write to HTC\Vive directly you might get a official response. I might be wrong but I think these forums are for users to report technical issues, provide feed back, log cases and upload their data so that the engineers have a real chance to work on and resolve the issues which is what I want, the product to improve and develop before the focus moves somewhere else and not read about about people's negative feelings which to be honest is just unpleasant and a lot of which noise here no offense. No one is going to listen except other pissed off people which I suppose is good therapy πŸ˜‰ I've read other more relevant posts which I've found useful and helpful. As I said there are other places for complaining and if it sounds like I'm being defensive on behalf of Vive, not at all, I think they have a obligation to continue to improve the product and they have said as much themselves so for the people who remain let's help them do their job with data I'm looking forward to the next update and improvements. Cheers! Fink.
  6. Hi @lamyipming How long do you get on a full charge using the Cosmos? Oh and can you post the link you ordered from pls πŸ™‚ Thanks Fink.
  7. I haven't had a rant for a while so here's a good opportunity. Actually people I'm using Chrome and it gives me the option to translate automatically so not sure what the fuss is about mind you this is on a PC not a phone. Pluggins are a handy option as well. As for a class action law suit, lol come on really? (you obviously have never been involved with Lawyers) I admit there are a few things to be a bit unhappy about especially at launch (their marketing team can be a trifle creative on their claims but that's what they do and you shouldn't believe everything you read from a sales blurb) and even now 8 months down the track but they have shown good will to existing customers and are continuing to make efforts to resolve or improve product issues as best they can within the design limits of the device so instead of whining about a decision that you made to buy the product 😭 (there was more than enough information about the issues it has or had on the Net from day one you just had to make the effort and look) either ask for a refund and have done with it or be part of the solution and provide positive feedback and information so C. T. and his mates can continue to work on fixing them for us. I for one prefer that outcome just say'in and stay positiveπŸ‘ Fink. 😎
  8. Hi Vive employees. Is there any update on the availability and specs for the AR face-plate for the Cosmos? Also will it work with the Cosmos with optical tracking or only the Cosmos Elite or both? Finally here is some feed back on the Vive.com Website information for VR headsets that you may or may not want to pass on. I see the "External tracking face-plate" is available now (in Australia) for the Cosmos series ($399 ouch! Just say'in) on this website but it doesn't have any base stations or controllers (other than the optical controllers) available for it under that section. It just says: Get Half-Life: Alyx with purchase. Precision dominates. (I already have the game so now I just want the precision if you know what i mean πŸ˜‰) I also see two different types of controllers and base stations available for different products, the Pro and Vive series below it which is confusing to the consumer and indeed I have read on these forums of at least one person buying the wrong combination controllers and base stations because of it. It's not that I don't know which to buy (I do read these forums) but I want my consumer rights to be protected by complying with the recommendations from the seller on their website (not just a reference to a chat on a forum because HTC\Vive support have said previously they don't recognize any recommendation made on this forum as it is "unofficial" as far as they are concerned) just in case there are any faults, disputes or mistakes after the purchase. I hope you find this topic informative and constructive and look forward to you answer re the AR face-plate πŸ™‚ Cheers! Fink.
  9. Careful of this one if you have a Dell but it looks like they have issued a fix. https://mspoweruser.com/hp-fixes-bsod-issues-via-windows-update/?fbclid=IwAR2QgZYTk9UjBc3keke2OLVCuR_k08JfCfjvAmywkxVWFBJAtk5Vz6NAlhI fink.
  10. I also asked a similar question but never got a response hopefully you will. Fink
  11. Hi @Dickytwo As always it depends on your requirements and what you are prepared to work with. The tracking has improved vastly since it's release and they have done a lot of good work on the device but there are still tracking issues. It is still very sensitive to lighting conditions and what you have on your walls to track optimally. If your walls are plain or too white it won't track , if you have too much or too little light it won't track so you would have to setup a room appropriately for it's use. I have setup my study so that it works every time without any problems (my wife complains sometimes) but if you are prepared to use it within a narrow set of environmental conditions then it will work just fine. As for the tracking as I said it has improved a lot but if you hold the controllers too close to your HMD or in front of each other to occlude a controller or even low down or very high above you (but in front) it still loses it's shit so to speak. I understand that they are continuing to work on these issues going forward and may be able to resolve some or most of it with further firmware updates but you have to be very patient and i don't expect them to be able to resolve all of them due to the hardware limitations imposed by the choice of technologies for this model HMD but i might be wrong maybe a employee would like to comment on that. In retrospect and knowing what I know now I would have preferred to have waited bought the Elite since I have had to setup a room especially for its use anyway to avoid the chronic tracking issues that we are still experiencing 6 months or so down the track. Also beware that they have not provided a viable upgrade path for OG Cosmos owners as it is almost the cost of a new HMD when you include everything that you need the cost is prohibitive unless you don't care about how you spend your money. Look at the cost of a face-plate, at least two steam tracking devices and compatible controllers you may as well have just bought the elite. If you own a original Vive it's a bit more palatable financially you just need the face-plate as you already have the other devices. So that's the gist of it as I see it so far. I hope it gives you some information to help towards making your decision. I have adapted to the above mentioned limitations and I am enjoying using the device daily and it works well with the software that I use it with (I also bought the wireless kit and that works really well I have to say) it is basically a good product (with caveats) and I hope that they will continue to fix the remaining issues with inside out tracking and if I can get a good price on a upgrade to light house tracking somehow I will probably do that too or if not then there's always the next gen HMD' which are still a ways off I think but I'm in no hurry. Fink.
  12. Hi @stvnxu Try this , it's more fun and definitely more satisfying if you create your own. All the software and components are free BTW. πŸ™‚ Fink.
  13. That's interesting. I wonder if you went the other way and changed the colour of the controller lights, say with a coloured film, to something more towards the red end of the spectrum (longer waves) it would be easier to detect under normal lighting conditions? Just a thought. Fink
  14. Hi all. Has anyone tried full body tracking with the Microsoft Kinect and the base Cosmos configuration with optical controller tracking? I have old Xbox One Kinect sitting around that I only use to pause Videos when my hands are full so I thought I might re-purpose it for use in VR. I'll probably give it a try anyway but I thought maybe someone had tried it and could chime in on whether it was worth the effort or not? Cheers! Fink
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