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  1. Hi @C.T. Sorry about the delay had a cable issue all sorted now. Did as you suggested and now everything is working fine. Thanks for your help. Cheers! Fink
  2. Hi @C.T. thanks for having a look. I just tried it and still no zoom function. I'm just using the basic Cosmos faceplate and controllers to test. I made sure the controller bindings were on the Vive default settings. I have to use the wireless setup because I seem to have a cable issue and I'm waiting on a replacement but I'm sure that isn't relevant to this function. Cheers! Fink.
  3. Hi again. My beta install wants to update again after it has already updated to the latest version. Is that a file permissions thing or maybe a registry issue? I don't dare update again as the last time I was out of action on both public and beta branches for a week. It's not a bit issue but suggestions? Thanks Fink.
  4. Hi there I had a few anomalies e.g. headset not detected and some bizarre visuals during and after install. I think it just needed to complete one process before the other would finish properly in any case I waited and updated Viveport and then Steam VR to the latest releases and restarted. So now it all seems to have settled down and I can load most stuff but I still get a crash if I shake my head, it just drops me out and says it can't detect the headset. Checked the cable which is in firmly and if you just restart without doing anything it loads again just fine but still prone to crashing if I do the same head shake. I noticed something similar for a while if I shook my head from side to side (or just rapid movement the IPD adjustment activates by itself (which seems over sensitive)maybe a faulty switch but I have seen posts saying moving your head from side to side can cause issues so not sure if it is software or hardware didn't happen often. I was using the base Cosmos setup I'll try the Elite setup which I get some time later in the day (work interferes with everything) and see how it goes. Cheers! Fink.
  5. Hi C.T. While you're at it could you please fix the zoom function for the Desktop browser in the Lens? It stopped working and is a bit on the large side and too close for comfort @-@ Thanks, Fink
  6. Hi. I just had a similar problem the system has been working well since day one and then suddenly I got the "headset not detected" error, red light on the HMD etc. It hung for a while so I powered it off and on restart I told me that there was a failed firmware update (I didn't do or accept any) it must have tried to do a update of some sort in the background but I was on the beta and there is no new update? I tried everything I could for a week including reinstalling everything and reverting to a earlier Windows restore point before the issue all of which didn't do anything and then them dammed thing just started working one morning when I booted it up to get some info for @C.T. who kindly offered to look into the issue. At this stage I was back on the Public version of the software. When I loaded the Beta software it still works perfectly but asks me to to load a new update every time I turn load the console but of course there is no new update so I just say no and it continues on. We'll see what happens when there is actually a new version of the software if I can access it or not but it works for now using the basic Cosmos, the Elite faceplate and also Wireless. I honestly don't know what caused it but one clue was when ran the setup it couldn't detect my USB 3.X ports and I have 4 on this machine it said to work correctly I had to connect to USB 3.X and it also couldn't detect the video port at all. The device manager showed that they were all working. Speculation is useless without data but it does indicate why the software couldn't find the HMD just not why it couldn't detect the ports, maybe a Windows or Steam update or a corrupt registry entry who knows. All I can say is that I'm glad it wasn't a cable or other hardware error which I was starting to think it was so all I can say it keep trying and it might untangle itself. Regards Fink.
  7. Hi C.T. I submitted this on Saturday (Sydney time) but I have since reinstalled the software to try (unsuccessfully) resolve the issue I don't know if that is relevant. Trace No: 20210320064800 Fink,.
  8. Unfortunately I only have a laptop without a display port maybe I could buy a adaptor to check. No the light doesn't go out at the time of the update. Any hint of what to look for in the log files?
  9. Yep Fink does for sure thanks for the feedback it tells me what I need to know it looks like I have a faulty unit in need of repair. Cheers Fink.
  10. Hi again. I replaced all the cables with the ones from the Wireless adaptor and it still gets stuck on 63%. The update appears to be the problem as I deleted and reinstalled all the software thinking that would get around this wanting to update issue but it still persists at the same point every time. You would think installing from scratch would download the latest version of the software negating the requirement to update the software so looks like a install script maybe be stuck in a loop. I also tried just using the wireless adaptor configuration and it stops at the same point. Anyone know of a way to factory reset the HMD? Fink.
  11. Hi all. Anyone else get a notification for a new update on the Beta release version I turned on my headset and base station but the base stations didn't initialise in Steam VR. There was no actual notification of a update at this point so I restarted the Vive console and again it still didn't initialise the base stations and the screen on the HMD was blank so I restarted the PC (still no message about a update). On the next start up it said a update had been interrupted and would I like to update now which I did and after about 65% it fails with a 102 error update failed. Tried a few more times same thing so I went back to the stable release and after it loaded it came up with the same message that there was a interrupted update and do I want to load it. Tried again but same story and if I say no to the update it just gives the error 200 HMD not found. Maybe it's something on my PC or a corrupt script so I'm going to delete all the software and download and reinstall again (bummer I just did this 3 weeks or so ago) and see how that goes. Watch out for sneaky installs though 😉 Cheers Fink.
  12. That's pretty harsh people. Just because you already know the answer, and I'm sure you were new to a lot of things at some time and had to ask for help to find your way around, after all isn't that what this and other forums are all about, helping each other find answers? In answer to your question @Saltgrass the answer is no and a place to find the info is on the main Vive Webpage under products\ accessories\vive Cosmos controllers https://www.vive.com/au/accessory/cosmos-controller-left/ it says: *Not compatible with the following products:HTC VIVEVIVE Pro SeriesVIVE Pro Eye SeriesVIVE Cosmos Elite I hope this helps you and don't be shy to come here asking questions someone will usually try to answer you. Cheers! Fink. Quotation from Carl Sagan, in his work The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark said: "There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question".
  13. It's working now (maybe I didn't hit the button fast enough) but every time the Steam window pops up first. Is there a way to remove the steam pop up function from the HMD button? That would make it cleaner to use but if not, hey at least we now have the pass through. Great work (keep them coming 🙂 ) Cheers! Fink.
  14. Hi C.T. I downloaded (BETA). The first time it almost got to the end and then it popped up a message to say it couldn't communicate with the HMD, which was odd as I don't usually have many issues with this gear. It worked on the second go but when I looked at the settings the camera setting is greyed out. Is that supposed to be the case? Secondly I don't have any Vive wands. I use Index controllers with Elite face plate and 1.0 base stations so it there a way to map the function to the right system button on those controllers? HMD button on the headset (single or double click) only brings up the steam dashboard. It would be a nice feature that have though 🙂less bruising. Cheers! Fink.
  15. Yay I can finally switch between my monitors :) The support for Vive Hand Tracking SDK on Elite is also a welcomed addition an something to play with over the Xmas break. Well done and have a Merry Christmas. Fink.
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