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  1. @Synthesis I sent you a PM. I really hope you can help. I am so sad and disappointed 😞
  2. Here is my story: After the latest Firmware update I got the message "The Base station has a manufacturing error. Please contact the manufacturer for a replacement base station". And so I did (September 2, 2019). They created a repair order and I sent the non-functioning base station to HTC in ROmania (September 5, 2019). On September 16 I got the message "No Repair Action after testing", so the would just send it back to me. That's no good, because I know it's not going to work. Anyway, I waited several days for the base statio to arrive. Nothing. I contacted the Support again and they said "We checked up and all data was entered correct. For now please contact UPS". I did it (September 27). It turned out that the address was correct but they expected a private address and not an institute, so they sent it back to Romania. Unbelievable. I contacted the HTC support again the very same day. they said "We create escalation about your case. We will contact you as soon as possible when receive answer" (October 1, 2019). Today is October 8, They never contacted me again and do not even reply to my email! Shame on you. MORE THAN ONE MONTH WITHOUT MY VIE. AND I WORK WITH IT! I am having so many troubles at work! What shoul I do? Can I have a WORKING BASE STATION, which I PAID FOR, which I WORK with.? PLEASE. Marco.
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