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  1. So far I've spent 4 hours trying to get this device to work. I'm frustrated at what I was anticipating to be a premium experience. So far: Updated all USB Drivers Updated Nvidia graphics drivers to supported Checked all ports, including ones in Cosmos Re-installed all software Plugged into USB 3.0 Ports Plugged into all display ports (work with other devices) Checked other devices & audio in the windows settings - Vive Cosmos shows as connected in both audio and video Tried resetting the junction box Stopped all Virus protection Turned off USB power saving Steam VR asks me 'Please plug in your VR headset' Steam VR: Tried enabling direct display made Tried removing all SteamVR USB devices and re-installing Cosmos software install does not allow me to launch room setup, stating I 'Please check your headset' then restarts the install. However during the setup: USB is detected during setup Display port is detected during setup Sound is playing through the Cosmos headphones The junction box is showing a green light and the headset is showing a red light. I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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