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  1. This worked. I am not sure why it worked without changing this the first time around, but this seems to have resolved that issue. I am still very much on the fence about keeping this when all the VR games I currently own have yet to update to work with the Cosmos controllers.
  2. The Cosmos worked okay last night, but today, I always get error code 005: Cosmos camera is occupied by an unknown application (c0). The VR works, but nothing will activate the cameras so that I can see the external view. The button on the headset does not work. The double click of Vive button on controller does not work. Stepping out of play area does not work. All of this worked last night and I was not getting the error. I have tried, numerous times, unplugging the device cables, restarting PC, etc... Nothing works. I have all updated firmware and software. At this point, I am considering refunding before my 14 days run out.
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