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  1. When the visor of the HTC Vive Cosmos is raised, the audio drivers in a game (Project Cars 2 for me) or in SteamVR are reset to the default output device defined in Windows. This is annoying and annoying. The problem can only be solved by switching the audio output to HTV Vive Cosmos in the audio setting every time. I am of the opinion that as long as the HTC Vive Cosmos is in operation and even if the visor is folded up, the VR headset must not fall into a kind of standby. I see the reason in this direction and hope this will be fixed with the next FW update. I would be grateful for further information. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  2. I studied the manual as much as it was needed for the installation and configuring everything. Meanwhile i got also Project Cars 2 running and after nVidia released the latest drivers. With the earphones I‘m still not happy and it‘s not a very good solution in my opinion. I don‘t understand why the is no spring inside which presses the earphone on the ears respective why it can‘t be suited on the ears only similiar to the construction of the valve index. currently viggest questionmarks are the questions above regarding ipd-adjustment screen which is not popping up when turning the knob in a game most of time. If there is an option to set just let me know please. Also if i‘m doing something wrong. It would be also get explained, how i can easily check if there are firmware updates available. my system specs: CPU I7 7700K MSI ACHORUS GTX 1080TI 11G 32GB DDR4-2666 RAM SSD1: Samsung M2 850 Pro 256 GB SSD2: Samsung M2 860 Pro 512 GB Windows 10 64-Bit Thanks a lot.
  3. Another questions I have : 1. how can call up the IPD-screen for adjusting the distance. Maybe it is not working properly too with the current firmware. If I turn the know on the headset, the IPD pop-up is most of the time not visible and not visible which is nerving. 2. Where and how can I check easy if there are any firm- and software updates available for my Vive Cosmos? Thanks a lot for your information. I'm still not very happy with the Cosmos, my exceptions where quit higher and I'm hoping all the error and critics will be solved shortly.
  4. I have tried this several times and also after adjusting the headphones position on the halo. IT doesn't click in any position. But this is only one of the dissapointment. Would be great to get any support to get the comsos working as I expect. I guess you have read my complete post above? That a SteamVR compatible system like the cosmos was announced, I await that it is working plug and play and without any issues. Not in my case and currently the system is not usable for me, especially together with my favorite steam games.
  5. Dear all I just have watched several videos regarding VR setup for Viveport, SteamVR, Project Cars 2 which is still my favourite raciesim. I hav received yesterday my brand new HTC Vive Cosmos which is my first VR-experience at all. Never used any VR-systems until today and that’s why I’m struggling to get the Vive Cosmos , also SteamVR and PC2VR working and also I have a lot of questions and questions marks ;-) which I guess is normal for newbies. That’s the reason I’m writing here and it would be great to get some support from your side because I think this is the perfect community with very experienced VR-users:-) One of the biggest disappointments is, that the left earphone is not clicking into the position for lying direct on my ear. it is standing 1cm away from my ear and I don't have to mention that is unacceptable. It tried to adjust to position of the left earphone with no success, it doesn't clicks in. Right side works perfect. First of all I’m asking me, if I can use my Logitech G933 7.1 headphone still together with HTC Vive Cosmos and if so, do the headphone must be connected always with the Vive Cosmos ? Second disappointment is, that I don't get the Cosmos working in SteamVR at the moment. Currently I have the problem, that PC2 is mostly displayed on my monitor only, even the Cosmos is running and active. I got it twice working to get PC2VR displayed as 2D window on the Cosmos, but only as flat screen. During loading procedure of PC2, the game stopped loading on the loading screen and was hanging/freezing there. Another question I have is, if I always have to enter steamVR via Viveport or is it possible to start Steam Games, like PC2 in my case, directly from desktop or steam library. If so how? You see I’m a complete newbie on VR, that’s why your tips, support and answer are highly appreciated and it would be great to get help from your side. I’m looking froward hearing from and thank you very much. IF I don't get solved all this issues, I will return the Vive Cosmos, my expection was that everything fits and works for gaming in VR with my favorite games. Kind regards from Zurich thydney
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