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  1. This is a really nice things, every game is ok now !! Thanks for this tips
  2. Hi, I've sent the report yesterday night, The batteries that I'm using is Alkaline. I will invest into NiMH Rechargeable ^^ Thanks for the tips
  3. Hello stvnxu, Thanks for your answer and clarification, no doubt about issues will be solve with the time, developer has to take this new products in consideration now and it so fresh that this will take time. For the battery, Stvnxu said "...reported on VIVE Console is significantly misrepresented with the actual battery life?", yes, totally, and I think also that one controller switch off, I switch it on again and was ok, battery too for 1 hour and battery alert came back. Yes, I will help you and will share the log of my Vive Cosmos. No problem. Will do it tonight
  4. Don't forget to check error code : https://www.vive.com/au/support/cosmos/category_howto/what-do-these-error-codes-and-messages-mean.html Error 005 looks like not link to camera occupied : 005 Make sure the front cover is attached to the headset. Make sure the front cover is properly attached to the headset. But everything is solved for you, enjoy !
  5. Do you have anough light in your Room ? This can affect controller reaction
  6. Hello teams, It's a while that I want to buy a VR and Finally, I choosed the "Vive Cosmos". I really appreciate it, The things that we can switch from the Game environement to the reality using the camera including the Headset is fantastic !! One point : - The room has to be really light to have the heaset working well, this is not a pb but sometimes, it's not so dark and it's not working well. That's a bad point, don't know if you see the same issue. - My 2 controllers always say the the battery start to be low (after few hour of game and the AA was new). I changed it and same things after few hour. I checked the battery left on my AA and it was 1.3 (1.5 when it's new). Mean, my battery is not low. Did you see some battery pb with the 2 controllers ? - HTC Cosmos came on the market after the HTC Vive and HTC Pro, I bought some game (Fallout 4 VR, Superhot VR) and it looks like that button are not working on this game, if it should work on the older HTC, it should work on the new one, no ? (Doom VFR, Beat saber is working well for example). What should I wait to have this kind of game working ? Waiting an drivers update of HTC Cosmos or it's should be done on the developer gaming side ? Thant's all for the moment, thanks for this product. I enjoy it !
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