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  1. We are ALL beta tester for new light tracking...but betas testers for 800euros Oculus tracking with infra red is better But happy to be a 800euros beta tester!
  2. Please Mr HTC, tell us the truth: tracking will not be fixed...I prefer the truth than update with 2 steps back
  3. 2 steps back with this update... Rifle mode worst... My position: tracking issue is an hardware problem...no update can solve it But happy I am with my Cosmos! My next headset, maybe in 2021, will be next oculus one of course!
  4. Waiting for rifle mode update...
  5. @NikNargonexcellent, but if issue is coming again, think it would be an hardware issue...
  6. @NikNargonit seems to be an hardware issue...
  7. Yes, maybe with discord I will look for that...keep u posted
  8. Before my cosmos I had a PSVR The only intereesant thing with sony is the 'Party' so you can play your favorite multiplayer game with people regrouped from your geographic region in the party Is there something like this with steam? So we can find people from our region to play...french for me! Oxy
  9. Welcome to cosmos world! Not perfect but with all updates it will be perfect...this year! For room setup, make circle small limits around you it will works well
  10. @sjunin, your point 2 is a MUST HAVE...hope recenter view will be soon available
  11. @VibrantNebula: Regenersis is Vive service repair...situated in Romania...garanteed? Let le laugh...but it is working now so happy I am!
  12. No surprise...hardware was the problem...Hardware is always the problem when there is a problem...Regenersis fixed it (for about 250euros) and now headset is working well and very happy with my cosmos
  13. Grey screen and image floating...issue solved
  14. So just for you to know... Problem fixed THANKS TO REGENESRIS for fixed my headset..grey screen was due to hardware, no software Now my cosmos is working, happy new year Romania!
  15. I have to say that update is according to me the first great update since I have the cosmos...not perfect at all, but it is much better in rifle mode in pavlov, the last player, contractors and onward...I repeat: not perfect as a rift S or Index but better than earlier Thanks to the devlpers, Cosmos will be The Best headset in 2020 I think!
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