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  1. Bla bla bla bla bla...so what did htc support said?
  2. @beezqpI repeat...it is a hardware issue...ask HTC support for ship it to Regenersis Romania...it is the ONLY solution to repair it...it is not a software issue...in 2 weeks you will have your cosmos fixed
  3. That's what I said...you will ship the headset to Regenersis, Romanian Support for the cosmos...be prepare to pay...warranty is not working But regenersis is serious...your cosmos will be fixed...do not worry
  4. It is not a sofware issue...it is an hardware issue...probably the LCD screen...I had this issue 2 months ago...ship the headset to Romania Regenersis and the problem will be fixed
  5. Yes but it is the truth... To be helpfull I would say that today, despite bad tracking, Cosmos is a good headset... But, users we are, we cannot do devlpers job...so if bad tracking is due to hardware, no update can fix it
  6. HTC will stop VR...HTC is like Nokia...who remembers Nokia?!...Future of the VR is Oculus, we all know this... Happy whith my Cosmos, but my next headset will be an oculus one, maybe successor of RiftS
  7. Problem solved...if it is not software it is hardware...it was the all in one cable the problem...I changed it and now no more issue
  8. Happy with my cosmos, but my next headset will be an oculus one, of course!
  9. Since 2 days, error 009 But the headset is working well despite this message Another bug ? Oxygen @C.T. @Synthesis @stvnxu
  10. We are ALL beta tester for new light tracking...but betas testers for 800euros Oculus tracking with infra red is better But happy to be a 800euros beta tester!
  11. Please Mr HTC, tell us the truth: tracking will not be fixed...I prefer the truth than update with 2 steps back
  12. 2 steps back with this update... Rifle mode worst... My position: tracking issue is an hardware problem...no update can solve it But happy I am with my Cosmos! My next headset, maybe in 2021, will be next oculus one of course!
  13. @NikNargonexcellent, but if issue is coming again, think it would be an hardware issue...
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