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  1. My gpu is a 1660...but maybe you're right... I think I'm gonna solve this issue of the grey screen of the death shortly Keep you posted...tks for your help...family vive is a big family!
  2. Hi, I think the problem is not the headset but something on my config... Hard to say what item is the problem My config is i7, geforce1660, gigabyteZ390 MB and 16Go memory I change my graphic card for another one (geforce 1050) same iqsue so I suppose graphic card is not the problem I think the problem is due to perf with usb port but not sure BUT the problem is when 2 controllers are ON When controllers are OFF there is no grey screen... My position is that the controllers are doing an overtension that crash the system
  3. My config is I7, geforce 1660, gigabyteZ390 MB
  4. I think it is due to the USB port...always that USB port... After 10min gaming, image is floating, moving with the head, then grey screen I contacted Vive support...they will keep me posted... I saw that the problem happened when controllers are ON My position is that my controllers are creating an overtension
  5. Problems are contributions...many problems you say? Yeah... But each problem has a solution... Grey screen of the death is the problem of the day! How to solve it...
  6. Hi, My new issue, After gaming about 15min, grey screen appears in my headset, image floating then nothing Need to unplugg ang plug in the cosmos to restart it Win10, geforce1660 Any ideas?
  7. Yes tomorrow is another day... For my problem with floating image and crash I think the problem is my GeForce 1660 I will upgrade for a stronger one tomorrow and keep you posted
  8. I trust you but download is not working from vive.com... No download, no checking update... It is halloween! But I am not afraid...!
  9. Not working...no download anymore...no update
  10. I want to compare 2 versions, and desapointed it is not possible... So, now when I reinstall vive setup, directly it is 1.0.7 But I am happy with the cosmos!
  11. Yes, vive servers are down...be patient!
  12. Same issue...no update, no downloading...servers down...hope vive is still alive...
  13. How to downgrade to 1.0.5? @stvnxu
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