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  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the advice. I thought it was a newer replacement, but wasn't sure so that answers my question. What i'm more interested in, is the possibility of just unplugging the wireless cable from the receiver and straight into that one, like I said, I have no intention of keep stripping the headset to switch cables. At the worst, i'd damage the short one long term possibly, which is replaceable. I'd just have to make a holder type bracket, to clip onto the headset, since the cable is too short to do anything else safely. Despite having 2 battery kits, I'm not getting enough game time ( wife allowing ) on the both of them. Like the fan idea @sphinckoma. ( Also the SS2 icon ) SS3 coming soon....:) I went to london to queue for that when it came out at hmv i think. I didn't do my due dilligance on the wifi... I'm concidering modifying an old motorcycle or caving helmet to mount it all on. thanks all AL
  2. Hi Guys, Have the wireless kit installed on the Cosmos now, but recently noticed this item on the website; https://www.vive.com/uk/accessory/cosmos-converter/ Could this be connected to the headset cable, if removed from the wireless receiver, for say, seated gaming etc ?, withouth having to strip and refit the headset from wireless to wired ? If so, can you guys look at making a clip/case for it, even just to clip it on your collar or something. @Synthesis Thanks in advance, Alan
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