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  1. **UPDATE** after I completely deleted and removed all previous Vive software, it's getting me the correct Cosmos setup installed. So I should be good to go. I just hope my current graphics card will be enough to handle the upgrade.
  2. I'll keep working with it. Just sat down to mess with it. When I'm running the ViveSetup file, it never asked which headset. I'll try redownloading it, maybe they have updated it. During the install, it shows that my HDMI is connected, but not the USB, and I've no reason why.
  3. I've spent 2 hours since I got home with my new Cosmos trying to get it to work.. I unhooked my original HTC Vive hardware, and plugged in the Cosmos hardware, but it just keeps saying that the headset is not detected when I try to launch Steam VR. It's also extremely frustrating that the Vive.com/setup is not updated and is still for the original Vive with the base stations. I've tried every USB port on my computer, restarted numerous times, uninstalled and reinstalled Steam VR.. nothing is working. What a frustrating night.
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