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  1. Count me in. They totally ignore us the first beta testers, and refused to provide a fair option to upgrade to Elite version. They just leave us with the rubbish tracking and hope we just disappear. They should be held accountable for treating us like shit.
  2. @C.T. @VibrantNebula Can I confirm from you guys there's no easy way to do this? Also is there a way to submit a feature request? Hiding a game in Steam is pretty easy. I see no reason why we can't do this in Vive.
  3. I have tried: Hiding the game in steam - doesn't work Installing the game in a different steam library - doesn't work And I can't hide the game in viveport.
  4. Sometimes when a guest plays with my headset, I don't want him/her to see my library. Is there a way to hide a particular game?
  5. Any chance you have done an nvidia update or used the GeForce Experience to automatically optimize your game?
  6. Two things. The headset will encounter random reboot using this battery after like an hour of use. The battery probably cannot provide sufficient watt when it gets depleted and therefore the headset shuts down and reboots. It eventually gets to a point where game play is basically impossible - reboots every two minutes or so. Secondly, this Anker battery seems to last forever - I really wish to give you an estimate but it never runs out of juice before I get tired. I can confidently say it will last for a solid two hour movie or maybe three if you don't need tracking. So in conclusion, I will use this battery as a backup of the original HTC one. The Anker battery however, is a good alternative if you want to use it for sim games or movies which you don't need to track the controllers. And if you still wish to buy it after reading my review, I bought it from Taobao. Not sure if it ships internationally though. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z09.
  7. Thanks for sharing. This is both interesting and sad.
  8. I wouldn't consider "upgrading" to Elite even if there's such an option. Using the decade old Vive wands is just lame. I'm fine with Cosmos's performance now, tracking is acceptable for me. But perhaps in the future when I consider an upgrade I'll probably stay away from HTC. HTC you really did screw up badly this time, be it strategically or technically.
  9. Oh yes, Elite doesn't have to do inside-out tracking using the six cameras so it consumes less power - tracking is done by the base stations. But if you're using ordinary Cosmos like us the poor souls then definitely it needs 21W battery. Thanks for the reply though.
  10. No, the 18W battery will not work for Cosmos. It can turn on the Cosmos, but once the headset tracks the controllers the headset will turn off due to insufficient power. It might be okay for sim games where you don't need the controllers? Or you have a special Cosmos I don't know.
  11. Thanks. Your reply eliminated my anxiety over the waiting period, knowing that I placed a good bet. lol
  12. Ok, after some research I have decided to purchase Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 (Aanker A1278), QC version, not PD version. Expected to be delivered in a week. Will come back to report if it worked.
  13. I know this has been asked but I can't seem to find a definitive answer as in which exact Powerbank can support Cosmos. Cosmos uses 21W battery. However out of all the QuickCharge 3.0 batteries I've checked, all of them only provides 12V 1.5A which is 18W. There are some batteries offering higher W but those are PowerDelivery standard, but not QuickCharge. And I'm not sure if Cosmos supports PD. So down to the very question. Which exact brand and model number of PowerBank have you tried and can be 100% certain that it support Cosmos? NOT talking about OG Vive.
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