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  1. Oh yes, Elite doesn't have to do inside-out tracking using the six cameras so it consumes less power - tracking is done by the base stations. But if you're using ordinary Cosmos like us the poor souls then definitely it needs 21W battery. Thanks for the reply though.
  2. No, the 18W battery will not work for Cosmos. It can turn on the Cosmos, but once the headset tracks the controllers the headset will turn off due to insufficient power. It might be okay for sim games where you don't need the controllers? Or you have a special Cosmos I don't know.
  3. Thanks. Your reply eliminated my anxiety over the waiting period, knowing that I placed a good bet. lol
  4. Ok, after some research I have decided to purchase Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 (Aanker A1278), QC version, not PD version. Expected to be delivered in a week. Will come back to report if it worked.
  5. I know this has been asked but I can't seem to find a definitive answer as in which exact Powerbank can support Cosmos. Cosmos uses 21W battery. However out of all the QuickCharge 3.0 batteries I've checked, all of them only provides 12V 1.5A which is 18W. There are some batteries offering higher W but those are PowerDelivery standard, but not QuickCharge. And I'm not sure if Cosmos supports PD. So down to the very question. Which exact brand and model number of PowerBank have you tried and can be 100% certain that it support Cosmos? NOT talking about OG Vive.
  6. But still, I must bitch about there's still no quick way to completely disable the boundaries in the Lens Menu.
  7. I just want to say the latest firmware offers a much better experience in playing Pavlov. Not perfect, but it's been improved A LOT. Months ago my gun would just float around and it's literally unplayable, now I can aim through the scope of a sniper. Still a lot needs to be done, yes. But hey, yeah, just want to say thanks for the continuous work.
  8. Definitely avoid the sun at all cost. I always lower the blinds and turn on the ceiling lights even if I'm playing in the afternoon and the room is well lit. The sun is simply too bright and will kill your tracking. Imagine taking your phone camera towards the sun, it can't see shit.
  9. I mean, it feels really terrible to raise this issue literally more than half a year ago, found the exact problem causing it, posted the solution online, and HTC is still not fixing it despite how small and easy fix it should be. It should only take your developers like 1 minute to resolve this issue - just set the damn minimum value to 0 instead of 15. How hard could it be? I've been patience to defend this product numerous times and hoping the tracking to get improved some day. But honestly this chaperone transparency issue disappoints me very, very much. Seems like this will never be fixed. Seems like HTC doesn't care. I just want to enjoy a movie without re-running the whole room setup to change to seated position.
  10. So no improvements on tracking?
  11. I never understand how French people always assume the whole universe speaks their language. 或許我也應該寫中文去回覆吧?
  12. Your image isn't clear about which exact cable is broken. But if the plug in red circle in my image is still fine, you can always change to other custom headset like I do. I just bought a short 3.5mm male-male cable to connect to my headphone so it won't hang around. But if it's the super long cable connecting to the linkbox then... Well you always have the option of switching to wireless.
  13. Might be asking something obvious but just want to try to help. Is the linkbox powered by a wall socket? Or is it powered by a usb cable connected to your computer?
  14. There should be no render error. Instead of seeking for "motion smoothing" you should find out why you got those error spike lines. And I bet NRip got it right - it's probably due to your overclocking, if not hardware issue.
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