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  1. Two weeks and absolutely no response. I'm not sure how any company can consider this acceptable. I continue to receive regular calls from the repair company but, still, no one is willing to actually talk to me. Not the repair company nor HTC support. The bill is continuously brought up but whenever I try to ask how the conclusion of "liquid damage" was come to, I get simply get more obscenely blurry pictures and a restatement of the bill. I come here in hopes that HTC can answer my questions as I'm aware the repair company is a third party. What do I get? Nothing. Not a single response in two weeks. I refuse to pay a bill for something that occurred during normal use, especially to a company that chooses to ignore its customers. The fact that sweat damage is specifically included as a warranty void is just proof of the obvious defects in the product. I'm aware that the UK has laws against this and that your warranty means nothing there. I'm currently looking into my own countries consumer laws on the matter and urge others to do the same should they face this problem.
  2. I recently sent in my Vive headset for repairs. I received a response stating that it would not be covered under warranty due to "liquid damage". I know that my headset has never once come into contact with any liquid. It's simply impossible due to the way I store it. The only possibility is that it was due to perspiration. I did a bit of research and found that this is actually a fairly common issue. I have only had the headset for six months and I take very good care of it. I wipe it down periodically during use, as well as my face of course, and wear a headband with it to reduce the amount of sweat that actually touches the headset. I thoroughly wipe it down after each use and it is stored on a rack that hangs on the wall so no "accidental" spillage could possibly occur. I cannot imagine how I could possibly take care of this device any better than I already have. The fact that this is clearly a major flaw in the product and that the warranty specifically excludes perspiration damage in its coverage is ridiculous. Six months of use from a $500 product is not, by any means, an acceptable lifespan. Asking for $270 to repair said device is obscene. Why in the world should I pay more than half the original cost to repair something that is inherently faulty and will simply break again? I thoroughly enjoy the Vive and the experience it brings but it is not worth it at this cost. When I received the initial response all I got a single picture that's so blurry it's impossible to even see what they're trying to show you. There was no explanation other than "it's liquid damage, which the warranty doesn't cover" and a bill. I asked for an explanation on how they could tell it was liquid damage (I could see no corrosion, but it's kind of hard to see ANYTHING in these pictures), how it could possibly have become damaged from perspiration (this was before I did my research, but I knew it was the only possibility) and for better pictures. The pictures I received were just as bad as the original and there was absolutely no explanation given. Now I'm getting emails and calls stating "You need to pay by next Friday or your Vive will be returned, unrepaired." Seriously? I asked for some sort of explanation and all I get is the bill continuously thrown in my face. Completely unacceptable and I demand this be addressed. ticket # 219368840000543
  3. I just received a response about my damaged vive as well. I was told it was due to liquid damage as well. My headset is stored on a rack that is suspended from the ceiling, making it literally impossible for any liquids to have spilled onto it. The only possibility is due to sweat. Upon further investigation I have found that this is a fairly COMMON issue! It is clearly a major design flaw in the product. I refuse to pay $270 when this issue will simply occur again due to poor product design. I suggest filing a small claims against them, as that seems to be the most common and effective way to get your money back for a faulty product. Despite what the warranty claims, this is considered as design flaw and -will- hold up in small claims court. I've only had my headset for 6 months and this is completely unacceptable. I urge you to do some research and file a complaint, as this is completely unacceptable.
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