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  1. Just sent. Trace No: 20191029142707. Btw since it says logs, is there a folder somewhere on my computer where I can read those logs as well? @C.T.
  2. Honestly, I think the occlusion performance is still terrible. I don't have other issues though. Vive engineers need to figure out how to do position tracking based on e.g. the arm of the user instead of solely by the light generated by the controllers. I mean, you guys manage to do finger tracking demos https://uploadvr.com/vive-cosmos-finger-tracking/, how about doing some tracking on the player's forearm when the controller's light is blocked. Just some thoughts, I think Vive engineers knows more than me.
  3. TomCgcmfc, I want BOTH the tracking improvements and the FOV improvements. I don't know why you are against community work at improving FOV. Furthermore, all his posts on this topic are more scientific than any of yours. If you have no contribution to the effort, then like you said, please refrain from replying these posts. Of course, tracking improvements are more important for me and for most people, but that doesn't mean FOV issues should not be looked into by HTC.
  4. My PC is in a different room from where I play my VR games, so if we are able to access room setup from the Vive button it will be very useful. What do you guys think?
  5. It works on my Vega 56 though. I'm on Radeon software 19.9.2 with Ryzen 2700X. But then i'm on Vive Cosmos dunno if there is an impact
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