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  1. I have several GPUs high end including GTX1080 or VEGA 56, they have multiple ports usually 3DP + 1 HDMI. I currently plug in 1 HTC VIVE to its HDMI for solo play. But can two players (or even more) or one player + one spectator (not even sure if it is possible?) use single GPU? Has anyone even tried that? Thanks.,
  2. My mother has been stricken with mild from brain stroke as well as dementia (progressive brain damage similar to alzheimer) and in hospital bed. During this extraordinary difficult moment, to make her further living moments as peaceful and positive as possible, I am considering to get her a VR headest. Since I favor HTC over Facebook one based on my past exiperience I am sort of contemplating. Here are some of the reqs: - already ruled out low-end crappy one at 20-50$ price with blurry images. - high quality like htc vive which I connected to GTX1080 however this would be overkill since I am not letting her play game obsviously. - Somewhere in the middle between above two, superior image quality like the one HTC VIVE but no need for GTX1080 I am mostly showing her photographs, soothing music, and 360 images. During pandemic period, the many national parks are offering virtual tours so something like that would be ideal. - I am opting out wired one connecting to CPU instead wireless one. I would really prefer compact cordless one as possible to make setup uncomplicated. - Overal design should be very gentle to her head since her condition is all brain related. I havent fully researched all available modes but if you are well versed, please post your opinon. Thanks for input.
  3. after reboot, no longer problem with mouse, it is working picture perfect now, goes into standby and light up when i start steam, thx again for help!
  4. thanks that is very useful. I have found the little bluetooth module running around my home and plugged into my PC to which the VR is set and i can connect. Just like JohnDL said, there is no sleep/standby choice but it does appear to go into standby mode which I can see it has turning off 9 red-dots when I restart my PC (shutdown VRsteam). Now issue seems to be it started interfering with my wireless mouse. I am not sure my mouse is using BT but more likely so. I am not familiar with BT protocol just wondering if there is a way to set these devices on different channel. Probably do some homework.
  5. i have installed two trackers. I can feel when I hold when it is on, there is a vibration. I can sense by the type of vibration felt in my hand while holding, there might be some rotating, spinning object inside although I have no idea what is inside. That leaves wondering whether it is good idea to leave it on for 24-hr or only turn on when playing? The mechanical motion inside and resulting vibration makes me worry that over time, it may start the wear down if I leave it on around the clock.
  6. I own htc vive headset for about a year now, however lot of times specially playing beat saber, I am getting perspirated a lot around my body and the section of the area around my face and forehead with contact with headset cushion means, headset cushion also get periodically wet,. not from water but from sweat. That would be disgusting over time. How do I clean it effectively? I think if I remember correctly it is possible to disassemble the headset but I am sort of apprehensive about breaking it.
  7. thanks, my adreline driver was several months old and upgraded to latest one. Since then I played twice and haven't yet seen the issue again. I will keep monitoring. thanks.,
  8. This may not be specific to htc but since I am still using htc vive, I am wondering if it has anything to do. WHile playing beatsaber on HTC VIVE with AMD VEGA56 MSI, it just freezes indefinitely although not completely and monitor also same time loses signal going dark. It continues for extended period of time. Once I switch back the NVDA GTX1080, it does not happen. Clearly something is not working with VEGA 56. I have checked overheat problem by running MSI GPU AFTERBURNER tool but it logs about 30+*C degree just after freeze so I dont see this being a heat related problem. Anyone has observed? @Synthesis
  9. I currently own htc vive which I assume processed/ rendered graphics delivered to headset through USB/displayport/hdmi. Since cables are hindrance, I am considering focus. However the images are processed through powerful GTX1080 before being sent onto the headset, now with the wireless focus headset, I am wondering where the images processing is done? Is the images from GPU on PC transferred wirelessly or does it not support steam games at all?
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