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  1. I have now tried the HMD on a different PC. It turned out that this PC did not show any offset in tracking after calibrating, but seemed too be perfectly accurate! Afterwards, I plugged the HMD into the original PC once again, where the problem still occurred, and reinstalled the runtime for a fourth or fifth time. This, for some peculiar reason, fixed the issue and tracking looks as expected now! Whatever fixed the issue is not clear to me, but thanks for your suggestions @Daniel_Y and @Eric!
  2. @Eric, I have tried to change the eye relief as well, but that does not help either. I have included a screenshot of the offset that I experience. The red cross indicates where I am looking, as the top-center dot turns light blue. @Corvus @Daniel_Y
  3. @Eric, Thanks for your suggestion, but I wrote on this forum due to the troubleshooting guide you are referring to being very brief and not addressing my issue. As you might know, the calibration allows only a short IPD range, but I tried all different allowed settings. Another person have tried calibrating, but the offset is identical. And I do not use glasses.
  4. I did not have any Tobii software or drivers installed, but I uninstalled the outdated EyeChip driver and had it reinstall with a fresh SRanipal runtime install. The driver version is still dated at 21-06-2006. My Runtime and Eye Camera versions are identical to yours. @Daniel_Y
  5. @Daniel_Y, I am using version of SRanipal Runtime, which I suppose is the newest. I do, however, have the EyeChip driver version dated back to default 21-06-2006 installed. According to Tobii "The driver should not be older than from 2014." at least for their hardware, which I guess are similar. But I cannot find a way to update it, since the Windows Update found nothing and it apparently is not available for manual download. Could this be related?
  6. The offset I experience is from using Vive's Eyes built-in calibration. But when I use the Focus sample in Unity, as you suggest, the tracking looks perfectly fine! So, this is great!! Now I am just curious why the dots presented after finalizing the built-in calibration shows a wrong result, eventhough the result in the SDK is fine? And if I can be certain that the eye tracking is accurate, which it now seems to be?
  7. Hi! My newly purchased Vive Pro Eye has a vertical eye tracking offset. I have tried recalibrating multiple times and ensured that HMD position and IPD is correct, but the result is always the same - I can only light up the dots presented after calibration, if I look ~20° lower than the target. So, how do I fix this offset? I tried reinstalling the SRanipal Runtime and updating my graphics card driver, but this did not help. Thanks! @Corvus
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