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  1. @Memleak1 At some point towards the end of our development phase, a contact at HTC recommended looking in to 42Gears for an MDM solution that supposedly compatible with the Focus Plus headsets (and others I assume). In any case we shelved the idea of remote updates/management for the foreseeable future.
  2. Once a Vive Focus Plus headset is running an application in Kiosk Mode, can the .ZIP and .APK file inside of it just be updated on the microSD card to update/change what application will run when the headset is started? Or are different/additional steps for updating the application? Thanks @Cotta @Ken Lee
  3. This might be a dumb question, but I haven't found anything in the documentation on it specifically. I assume there's a straight-forward way of showing/hiding the default controller models during runtime? I guess on that same thought process is there a simple way to replace the controller models with something different if desired? Thanks Vive Focus Plus Unity 2018.4.14f1 Wave SDK 3.1.4 @Cotta @Tony PH Lin
  4. I am investigating HMDs for a game soon to be in development, and I was hoping someone could fill me in on best practices for the Focus Plus units. Is there a functional difference between the developer kit version and the consumer model of the Focus Plus? This unit appears to be the old version of the Focus. Is there a dev kit for the Plus model? The units would be running a single application at any given time so I presume something akin to kiosk mode would be used, or are apps only intended to be loaded via Viveport? Thanks @Tony PH Lin @Cotta @JustinVive
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