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  1. @BPachal Just checking that you have tried changing your pci express slots as I couldn't get mine to work in any of the 1x slots but it works fine in the 16x slot. I do still get the issue from time to time that Bob mentioned that sometimes when booting up I get the wigig card not found message but blue light is still on. It seems to be the wigig card is a bit loose at the extended side and can usually fix by adjusting it and rebooting. I was hoping that there would be a way of fixing this without rebooting by restarting a service or something but haven't found a way of doing this though I'm pretty sure that once when this happened the wigig card also needed a software update which I did and it fixed without a restart which would suggest it is possible.
  2. hmm, sounds interesting. Would be good to make the adapters permanent so I don't have to move the wireless sensor between play areas but as they don't seem to sell the parts separately that would involve dropping another £300 on a complete kit which I don't need. Would be interested to hear how you get on with that though. Thanks again!
  3. @FlavorousBOB Hey just wanted to say thanks for the post, moved to a new house where my sleeping area is in an attic above my play area room and thanks to you can use my wireless headset in both locations now. One thing that I came across with this setup on my rig was that although the PCI to USB extender card is a 1x pci card it would not be recognised in any of my 3 free 1x slots. However I tried it in my spare 16x slot and works a treat. Many thanks Bob!
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