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  1. Appreciate the reply thank you, I found a maker on Etsy, The maker marketplace, Who is actually working on a Cosmos and controller all in one stand, While a mannequin head would be fine I think over time it would put too much strain on the straps, This is the OG Vive stand design from a completely different maker on Etsy but a different maker who I'm talking to has based his idea on this general design for the Cosmos and its controllers but he said he may end up putting the controller holders above the headset or to the side, Or maybe even separate pieces but making the whole thing using a 3D printer then sanding etc... Not a finalised design just yet 😀
  2. The ability to re-centre would be immensely handy !
  3. So originally when the Oculus Rift CV1 came out I bought a user made all in one headset and controller stand from the maker marketplace known as Etsy, While it was very high quality I would have liked something more professionally made. Now that I have the Cosmos, Loving it by the way, I was thinking how about you guys at HTC come out with your own all in one HMD + controller stand that we can put on our desks or even on top of our computers ? Really high quality, Include modular customisation options, A dust cover etc... it would be miles better and safer than just leaving it laying on the desk or my current option is to leave the cable trailing out of the box and put the HMD inside the box it came in to keep it safe and out of the way when not in use but it doesn't really look that cool IMO having a high tech piece of gear in a cardboard box. I know I'd buy one in a heart beat 😍
  4. I don't think the Cosmos is meant to have edge to edge clarity sadly, While the lenses are an improvement over the OG Vive we aren't quite there yet technologically with REALLY good lenses that wouldn't cost hundreds upon hundreds by themselves.
  5. I have noticed that, I thought it was a tad strange considering the Cosmos has an 88% higher resolution than the OG Vive, I'm hopeful this will eventually get remedied 😀
  6. Thank you for the reply, It was actually an issue my ISP, It just reared its head when I tried my Cosmos, All sorted out now 😀
  7. So I quite like playing Elite Dangerous in VR, Only annoying thing is it's not working with the Cosmos, The game itself says it cannot connect to the servers, It works straight away with my Rift so it's definitely a Cosmos compatibility problem. Any chance there is a work around ?
  8. I've noticed over the last few days the Cosmos' firmware has been updated 2 maybe 3 times ? Is there any chance you guys at HTC could do a post in the Cosmos section of the forums letting us know what you updated ? Would be cool to see @stvnxu @Caesar T
  9. I've had the Cosmos now since launch day and I'm struggling to see why it costs £300 more than the Rift S, I could see maybe £100 for the decent headphones and slight resolution bump but I'm struggling to find anything else, Any chance someone at HTC could clarify ? Also why did you choose lenses with such a tiny sweetspot ?
  10. Problem mainly I've found is that the sweetspot is absolutely tiny with the Vive Cosmos lenses, I'd love to be able to have some human contact with HTC and just ask them why they chose lenses that are kind of terrible, I have decent eyes but these things get blurry quickly if not focusing on the centre of the lens.
  11. It updated yesterday but it really did nothing, I tried looking directly at one of my extremely bright lamps and it still said it was in a dark environment, If HTC don't sort this out in the next day or 2 through an update it's going back for a refund, This product should've been delayed by a few months, This is unacceptable for something that costs £700 and is outclassed by the Rift S that costs nearly half.
  12. So for some reason the Cosmos decided to stop tracking properly so I went through the setup again, Went onto the room scanning section, Why even have this ? Anyway it keeps saying my room is too dark and there are not enough things to scan, I honestly don't know how much brighter I can get my room, I have the main light and 2 x side lamps which I brought in, The room is now lit up like a stadium but the software keeps telling me it's too dark and no matter how many times I scan around the room it never goes over 30%. I'm seriously losing patience with this thing, For £700 this thing should be perfect straight out of the box.
  13. So I have been playing my Cosmos for the better part of a day and honestly it's quite disappointing, It seems like an extremely early prototype piece of kit, Not something that should be sold for $700, The lenses are plain terrible, The slightest move and everything is out of focus, Why on earth does the Rift S which costs nearly half have better lenses ?!?!? The tracking is also just god awful, Why the hell do you need to scan your environment and have it lit up like a stadium ?!?!? The face bracket attachment feels like plastic you'd get from a thrift store and the controllers really don't last that long, Whoever the hell was in charge of testing was obviously drunk at the time. I'll give it another few days and hopefully it may improve with updates but if it's not I'm taking it back to the store I got it, This should have been tested properly and delayed a few more months.
  14. I also have the Rift S and its lenses are noticeabley superior, Considering the Cosmos costs nearly double what the Rift S does I was expecting something at least on par not less.
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