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  1. Thank you for your reply. It is not always reproduced. It will be reproduced occasionally. The test scenario is as follows. 1. Scene A starts with the target displayed in front of the user. 2. The user looks at the target for 1 second (scene A). 3. Move to scene B with 10 objects displayed at random positions. 4. Success when the user finds the target from within the object and gazes at the target for 1 second (Scene B). 5. Repeat 1 ~ 4. 10 times. @Daniel_Y @Daniel_Y
  2. Hello! I am developing with Unity2017.4.34f1 using Vive pro eye. In the project I developed, scene transitions occur frequently, but at that time, an error [[SRanipal] Initial Eye: DEVICE_NOT_FOUND] occurs and the eye tracking function stops responding. Please help me if you know the cause or solution of this problem. Thank you! @Daniel_Y @zzy
  3. Hi In addition to the above, I also tried a few. ・ SRanipal upgrade and downgrade ・ Reinstall SteamVR and SRanipal Doing these things did not cure the calibration screen, so I think the SteamVR update is probably the problem. However, I don't know how to downgrade SteamVR, so I can't try it.
  4. Thank you for reply! Yes, sometimes the top dot flickers. Is it due to Steam updates? If so, will the old version of Steam solve it?
  5. Help me! The line of sight is no longer displayed on the screen after calibration is complete. Also, it was displayed without problems until last week. If anyone knows a solution or cause, please let me know. Thank you. @Corvus @zzy @Daniel_Y
  6. I see, I can't get the eye image. I'm sad😫 Thank you for answering.
  7. Hello. Is it possible to display the eyes of the user wearing Vive pro eye as an infrared image on the monitor? It will be helpful if someone tells me.
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