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  1. @MadisV SRWorks 0.9.6 may not be a Stable Release for Unreal Engine. It turns out it actually has a now known crash problem when working with ViveHandTracking. I tested the latest version( of SRWorks combined with ViveHandTracking on UE4.24-4.26, and the behavior did not happen again. Perhaps you should update your SRWorks plugin to to proactively avoid encountering this bug.
  2. @Dario I can not find the ViveOpenXR.json file in my installation directory. As the picture showes in documentation, I should set it as default OpenXR runtime in registry.
  3. Hi, @MadisV There is no need to add ViveHandTracking component to other actor, cause it has been added to HandTrackingProvider(Blueprint Actor). I tested SRWorks and ViveHandTracking on my computer, and they could work together in UE4.24 and UE4.25. My configuration: GTX 2060, Unreal Editor 4.24.3/4.25.4, SRWorks 0.9.7, ViveHandTracking 0.9.4, steamVR 1.15.19 and HTC Vive Pro. Here is the step to setup your project: 1.Copy SRWorks plugin and ViveHandTracking plugin into Plugins folder within a new unreal porject. 2.Launch SRWorksRuntime.exe before opennin
  4. V 0.9.3 will be released soon. Objects which can be picked up are made as Blueprint Actor in the new version.
  5. Hi, Synok. Can you show me what actors you put in your new level? I need more details to help you out. You can reply me with a screenshot of WorldOutliner. According to your description, I would suggest you check something as followings: 1.Make sure there is a Playerstart or ViveHandTrackingPawn in your level. 2.Check if your GameMode has been changed to ViveHandTrackingMode.
  6. @CAFdesign Hi, I will give you some suggestions to rebuild your C++ project. 1.Open your Visual Studio solution, install UnrealVS plugin for Visual Studio. 2. Setup UnrealVS tool for VS. https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Programming/Development/VisualStudioSetup/UnrealVS/index.html 3. Set your project as startup project, and click "Build Startup Project", then plugin source code will hot reloaded. 4. Press F5 shortcut key or click *.uproject to open unreal editor(your project). Let me know if you solve it. @zzy
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