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  1. Ya, no support with my iPhone 12 mini, no Vive Flow for me either. I don't know but maybe Apple has something to do with this since I think that they are planning a VR iPhone device/app in the near future. Very hard to believe that Vive would not have thought this through beforehand.
  2. Ya, maybe a little dimmer green after closing SteamVR. I never really notice this much because I generally power down the Link box after closing SteamVR and when my 2x 2.0 base stations go to sleep (light blue pulsating) and my Index controllers power down as per my SteamVR device power settings.
  3. My VP1 does the same thing (red light when I first power my link box, green when connected to SteamVR, green when I stop SteamVR, off when I power off link box). I always power off my link box after use. After +1.5 years use, no problems. Since I also run a dual Oculus system it's good at keeping things separate. I also use the Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) to shutdown Oculus runtime after quitting its use. In any case, powering off the link box always made sense to me.
  4. I seem to get this useless Sranipal eye tracking app reinstalled every time I get a VivePort update. Certainly not something I need with my Vive Pro1, lol! I'm getting pretty tired uninstalling it all the time.
  5. Just send it back for a refund and go back to your VP1. Complaining about here will do nothing imho.
  6. Ya, up to you mate. Reaching over and pressing the little blue button is not too much of a hardship for me with my Vive Pro1. Also, I run a dual VR headset combo with and Oculus headset so powering the link box off makes it easier for me to switch between headsets. Your blobs look like sun damage to me. Maybe you let some sunlight in? In any case, I'm glad to see that switching off the link box seems to have fixed this for now. Good luck mate and cheers.
  7. I always turn off my Link Box after using it. I also use SteamVR to put my base stations to sleep. I also do not use sleep/hibernate mode with my PC. All just makes sense to me.
  8. Looking at your Laptop specs it appears to have 1x Mini DP 1.4. This is the port you should be using. You may need a DP/mini DP adapter but these are pretty inexpensive (~$5-10). Looks like you are trying to use your usb port that may be DP capable but often is wired through the igpu. Also, if you have actually used your DP with another cable there may be a problem with it. You are best to use the supplied DP cable with one of those short/on-piece adapters imho. Good luck mate.
  9. Sounds good, thanks. What VR sims/games actually support OpenXR right now? MSFS2020 flight sim is the only one that I'm aware of. I'm sure there are a few others and hopefully more in the future. Thanks.
  10. Basically your problem is your laptop power plan imho. If you did not have it set to unnecessarily hibernate/sleep while your laptop is plugged into a power point your base stations would stay on and only turn off when you exited SteamVR. As you have already found out SteamVR manages this fine. I also have 2x 2.0 base stations and I've been doing this for +1.5 years without any problems. Anyway, I cannot add any more here. Please do whatever you think is best mate. Cheers.
  11. While I do know others who use this and similar apps to do this and/or have remote power point switches, it's unnecessary for me. I've never had any problems with SteamVR managing this for +1.5 years now. Also seems unnecessary for laptops to have hibernate/sleep options while plugged into a power point. If you needed to walk away for a while you could always put a screensaver with locked screen. Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess. Cheers.
  12. Thanks mate. It was all getting a little confusing given the below VP1 res that the VP2 wireless started out with. So, are there plans for a new wireless system that can take advantage of the VP2 native resolution? Thanks. I love your optimism mate. Cheers.
  13. If your laptop is plugged into a power point I don't see why you need sleep/hibernation. You can easily modify your win10 power plan settings to only go into hibernation/sleep when you are running only on your battery. That's what I do. Also, I select it to do nothing when I close the lid (I think this was laptop bios option?).
  14. Here I always thought that the VP1 with Vive wireless adapter was transmitting the VP1 native resolution (1440x1600 per eye) at 90Hz. So basically only the OG Vive native resolution (1080x1200) upscaled for the VP1 to it's native resolution. Is this correct? Same for the Cosmos (native 1440x1700)? Thanks.
  15. Ya, my OG pre-order Cosmos is still in its box waiting for improvements which never seem to ever happen. At least my Vive Pro full kit w/Index controllers does work very well.
  16. Try going to your win10 device manager setting and locate your wireless card. Then make sure to disable power savings on it as well. Most of all Vive devices troubleshooting is included in the Vive support website. It may be a good idea to have a look there or contact Vive Support and ask them. Good luck and cheers.
  17. I've never needed to use this SteamVR option with my Vive Pro. I just edit my win10 power settings advanced setting to disable usb power savings and after a pc restart go to device manager and right click on every usb properties and make sure that the power savings box is unchecked. This seems to work fine forever unless I add something like a new pcie usb card.
  18. Go to the vive website (vive.com) select the Support tab, then pick your headset and drill down for troubleshooting suggestions. You could also contact vive technical support. Good luck.
  19. Thanks for letting us know about the overcharge protection mate. Since the 2.0 controllers are actually made by Valve it's probably a Valve issue anyway. Although, my Index controllers that I now mainly use with my Vive Pro do turn off its the controller led once fully charged. No real big deal for me.
  20. I've always found the same with mine as well using a wall charger. They fully charge but I never get the white full-charge light. If I've had them on charge for 5-6 hours and know they are charged, if I disconnect the charge cable then plug it in again I get the white light. If not, I leave them on charge for another hour and unplug/replug again. Now I just use an external 10000mahr battery (actually ones I got for my vive wireless adapter) pack to charge these and when they are fully charged the external battery automatically turn off. If I manually restart the battery pack I get a white light and then the battery pack (and controller) turns off. It's too bad that that the white light does not automatically come on with a wall charger, but that's life, lol! I don't think you will damage the controller batteries by just leaving them on the wall charger overnight. Just don't leave it plugged for over 12 hours at a time.
  21. I'm pretty sure that you can RMA Index headsets/controllers ok in Australia but you will need to pay shipping charges to their service area. I believe they will ship it back directly to you but I'm not sure whether or not you are going to have to pay for this or not. I'm not sure whether or not you should get an Index headset. However, I do know that it's always a good idea to have backup. I personally have a 3x VR headset setup. I mainly use my Vive Pro with all my flight/racings sims, My Oculus Rift cv1 for all my Oculus Store games, and my Oculus Quest 1 for standalone mobile VR, watching media, and for a bit of pcvr wireless fun w/Virtual Desktop. Thanks to the VP Link Box on/off switch and the Oculus Tray Tool switching options it's very easy to go back and forth. I don't currently use my Q1 with the official Link cable but I have tried it and it works ok, just not a good as my Rift cv1. The main advantage of my 3x headset setup is that even in the worst case any one of these headsets is capable of good pcvr. Aside; your 2080ti should be fine for at least a couple more years imho. If I had that gpu instead of my 1080ti then I would have probably waited for the next gen nvidia gpu's (rtx series 4000) in a couple years time. With nvidia gpu's I try not to upgrade on every new release, just every second one (eg Series 1000, to Series 3000 for me). If you want a backup headset to use while your VP gets sorted out (hang in there with them and ask them to reconsider things) it sort of depends on what you can afford to spend. If $'s are not a problem then the Index might be worth considering. I think with taxes and shipping you are going to look at ~ aud$1,400 for just the headset. Another option worth considering is to buy a Cosmos Elite headset-only. This is listed at aud$1,099 on the Vive Australia Store. The Oculus Rift S may also be worth considering. Oculus has now stopped production of these but will continue to support it for some time to come (incl warranty). These are still currently available on au Amazon (I recommend buying from Amazon because refunds are more easily available than from the Oculus Store) for aud$499. I have used these and I think that this is a very good pcvr headset and its inside-out tracking works very well. Another option would be to get an Oculus Quest 2. These are listed on au Amazon for aud$479. Adding the official Link cable and Elite headstrap (I recommend both of these) will bring the price up to aud$592. I have also used this headset and it works very well, and is soooo versatile. While the Oculus Link interface works well I think that the Rift S pcvr performance is a little better. I guess the HP Reverb 2 might also be worth looking at. These are listed at aud$999 on the HP Australia store. However, these are still WMR headsets and I'm not a big fan of WMR, plus there still is some compatibility issues which their controllers. Anyway, your $'s so your decision. I don't think I can add much more to this so good luck whichever way you go mate. Cheers.
  22. @JHong I do feel bad for you mate and hope I never need to deal with Vive Support for my Vive Pro. If it makes you feel any better I had a pretty poor response when I tried to send back my pre-ordered OG Vive Cosmos. I got talked into keeping it because Vive promised me that they were about to update the very poor tracking. Of course, this has never happened, although it did improve a little. Waiting took me outside the 10 day return for refund period. At least I got a years subscription to VivePort which I have found very useful. Shortly after I bought my Vive Pro full kit and also the Vive wireless adapter. So my total investment with Vive over the past 1.5 years totals ~ aud$4,000 (Cosmos 1,300, wireless 700, VP 2,000). The wireless adapter worked ok but it was too much of a CPU hog (even with a i9 9900k) for my VR flight sims. I feel pretty fortunate that I've been able to afford all this. I recently spent aud$2,900 for a nice new rtx3090 gpu, lol! The only good thing with all this c.virus thing is that I've saved a lot of $'s over the past year that I would have spent on overseas holidays, lol! Now, both my OG Cosmos and wireless adapter are back in their little boxes hidden under my pool table, lol! If Vive ever manages to fix it's inside out tracking I may pull both out and use them for gaming (not sims) with my current PC if and when I build a new one (maybe in ~2 years time). I guess I could buy the Cosmos Elite faceplate for aud$400 and use it with my Vive Pro base stations/controllers but I don't see the point right since I much prefer my Vive Pro Headset. Might still be an option if my Vive Pro ever fails though.
  23. Like everything, most forum posts are pretty negative and if you really believed these you would not buy anything imho. I have had the Valve Index controllers for about 6 months now and they work perfectly well. They did kinda cost me a bit too much since I needed to import them in from the US (~aud$700 total) since Steam still does not ship to Australia. Steam support was pretty good at giving me the free HLA game as well. In your case you may want to consider the Index headset and controllers, or maybe just the headset since your Vive controllers/base stations should work fine. Not sure what's best for you. Your $'s so your decision of course. Good luck mate whichever way you go. Aside; I have a Quest 1 and mainly use it as a backup with Link and wireless w/Virtual Desktop. It's no Vive Pro, but still a lot of fun.
  24. Thankfully my Vive Pro Full Kit (also paid aud$2,000 for this over a year ago) continues to work great. I have since added Etsy Gear VR lens mod and Index controllers and I'm very happy with all this. Sorry to hear you are having soooo many problems. Hopefully it will get sorted out eventually. Maybe in the meantime you should get a Quest 2 as backup, lol!
  25. Pretty sure that the Vive wireless adapter pcie card is only gen2 so don't expect it to report pcie 3.0. In the past some (including myself) have changed bios settings from auto to gen3 because this sometimes improves stability. But it does not change the card to pcie 3.0. I believe that this would require an updated wireless card.
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