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  1. Ya, no support with my iPhone 12 mini, no Vive Flow for me either. I don't know but maybe Apple has something to do with this since I think that they are planning a VR iPhone device/app in the near future. Very hard to believe that Vive would not have thought this through beforehand.
  2. Ya, maybe a little dimmer green after closing SteamVR. I never really notice this much because I generally power down the Link box after closing SteamVR and when my 2x 2.0 base stations go to sleep (light blue pulsating) and my Index controllers power down as per my SteamVR device power settings.
  3. My VP1 does the same thing (red light when I first power my link box, green when connected to SteamVR, green when I stop SteamVR, off when I power off link box). I always power off my link box after use. After +1.5 years use, no problems. Since I also run a dual Oculus system it's good at keeping things separate. I also use the Oculus Tray Tool (OTT) to shutdown Oculus runtime after quitting its use. In any case, powering off the link box always made sense to me.
  4. I seem to get this useless Sranipal eye tracking app reinstalled every time I get a VivePort update. Certainly not something I need with my Vive Pro1, lol! I'm getting pretty tired uninstalling it all the time.
  5. Just send it back for a refund and go back to your VP1. Complaining about here will do nothing imho.
  6. Ya, up to you mate. Reaching over and pressing the little blue button is not too much of a hardship for me with my Vive Pro1. Also, I run a dual VR headset combo with and Oculus headset so powering the link box off makes it easier for me to switch between headsets. Your blobs look like sun damage to me. Maybe you let some sunlight in? In any case, I'm glad to see that switching off the link box seems to have fixed this for now. Good luck mate and cheers.
  7. I always turn off my Link Box after using it. I also use SteamVR to put my base stations to sleep. I also do not use sleep/hibernate mode with my PC. All just makes sense to me.
  8. Looking at your Laptop specs it appears to have 1x Mini DP 1.4. This is the port you should be using. You may need a DP/mini DP adapter but these are pretty inexpensive (~$5-10). Looks like you are trying to use your usb port that may be DP capable but often is wired through the igpu. Also, if you have actually used your DP with another cable there may be a problem with it. You are best to use the supplied DP cable with one of those short/on-piece adapters imho. Good luck mate.
  9. Sounds good, thanks. What VR sims/games actually support OpenXR right now? MSFS2020 flight sim is the only one that I'm aware of. I'm sure there are a few others and hopefully more in the future. Thanks.
  10. Basically your problem is your laptop power plan imho. If you did not have it set to unnecessarily hibernate/sleep while your laptop is plugged into a power point your base stations would stay on and only turn off when you exited SteamVR. As you have already found out SteamVR manages this fine. I also have 2x 2.0 base stations and I've been doing this for +1.5 years without any problems. Anyway, I cannot add any more here. Please do whatever you think is best mate. Cheers.
  11. While I do know others who use this and similar apps to do this and/or have remote power point switches, it's unnecessary for me. I've never had any problems with SteamVR managing this for +1.5 years now. Also seems unnecessary for laptops to have hibernate/sleep options while plugged into a power point. If you needed to walk away for a while you could always put a screensaver with locked screen. Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess. Cheers.
  12. Thanks mate. It was all getting a little confusing given the below VP1 res that the VP2 wireless started out with. So, are there plans for a new wireless system that can take advantage of the VP2 native resolution? Thanks. I love your optimism mate. Cheers.
  13. If your laptop is plugged into a power point I don't see why you need sleep/hibernation. You can easily modify your win10 power plan settings to only go into hibernation/sleep when you are running only on your battery. That's what I do. Also, I select it to do nothing when I close the lid (I think this was laptop bios option?).
  14. Here I always thought that the VP1 with Vive wireless adapter was transmitting the VP1 native resolution (1440x1600 per eye) at 90Hz. So basically only the OG Vive native resolution (1080x1200) upscaled for the VP1 to it's native resolution. Is this correct? Same for the Cosmos (native 1440x1700)? Thanks.
  15. Ya, my OG pre-order Cosmos is still in its box waiting for improvements which never seem to ever happen. At least my Vive Pro full kit w/Index controllers does work very well.
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