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  1. I have sent a few log files and these seem to take a long time to send, like +30 minutes. I have never gotten any useful feedback from doing so btw.
  2. Ok, then pack it up and send it back to Vive. Shipping for a single base station should not break the bank. Hopefully you will be able to VR with one base station for a while, or just buy another 2.0 so you can further improve tracking with 3x base stations later. Complaining about this is not going to help imho. I think that the Vive support guys wear Teflon suits (= nothing sticks), lol!
  3. Ya, like many others, I just use the usb 3.0 cable from my Link Box. My wireless unit gets pretty warm, but not scalding hot and my pc card has a heatsink and gets lots of airflow from my PC fans. So, I've never seen any cut outs with either my Cosmos or Vive Pro wireless. I also have a desk fan to help keep me cool and fog-free. Maybe this is helping to keep the headset module a little cooler as well.
  4. TomCgcmfc

    Rev 1?

    Just buy the cheaper one before they are all sold out and save yourself $50 imho.
  5. Maybe try running it in for a day or two. Could be a bit of plastic flashing and/or maybe it will re-seat itself. A little bit of vibration is pretty normal. Mine vib'd a bit from the start but seem to be getting smoother after ~ 1 months use. Main thing for me is that this did not effect tracking so I do not worry about it. Also, in SteamVR I enable BT, then got to device power options and select the base stations to go to sleep when I exit VR.
  6. I guess this is never going to be addressed in this Vive Support forum. Too bad imho.
  7. @reaper no glare or distortion with the Etsy lenses for me. Definitely worth trying and easy to reinstall the original lenses if you don’t like them. You do lose a few degrees of FOV but I don’t find this significant.
  8. @reaper , I think you'll love the Vive Pro. Perfect tracking and its oled's are much nicer in darkish games (better blacks and contrast). The Vive Wands are not quite as nice but still very useable and robust. I may look at the Index controllers later once Valve has worked out the bugs (thumbsticks and drifting) and when they are actually available in my country. I also recommend the Etsy Gear VR lens mod (~$60 from Etsy). These improve the clarity and increase the sweetspot a lot for me.
  9. @joellipenta Go back to wired for much better performance and stability imho. Buying any Vive headset just because there is a Wireless Option is not in itself a good reason right now imho. It's nice tech but not quite there yet.
  10. @HoZy I'm also an Aussie. If you can afford it you may be better off buying the Vive Pro Starter kit ($1299 aud right now). This includes 1.0 Base Stations/controllers but these should work fine unless you want a very big play area. This will also be compatible with an Index headset if you want to look at getting one later. I have no desire to do so btw. I have both a Cosmos and Vive Pro and while I love the Cosmos flip-up screen and new Vive VR system (Lens/Origin) My Vive Pro is by far a better headset and with base stations the tracking is perfect. The sad thing for me is that I paid $1299 aud for my pre-ordered Cosmos and now the Vive Pro Starter kit is the same price, lol! https://www.vive.com/au/product/vive-pro-starter-kit/
  11. I have been using my Vive Cosmos wireless for a while now and this works pretty well. Taking the Cosmos to wireless drops a little performance (~10-25% depending on the game/sim) because the Wireless is a bit of a CPU hog and not all games/sims utilise muti-threading very well yet. However, the image in both wired and wireless is very good in terms of colour. clarity, and contrast, even in darkish games/sims. I decided to park my Cosmos for a while until Vive cracks the inside-out tracking issues and/or until they offer a SteamVR faceplate. So, I uninstalled my Vive software and wireless software, then reinstalled the Vive software and reinstalled my Vive Pro w/2x 2.0 base stations/controllers. This all worked great and I got a beautiful Vive Pro oled image with much better blacks and contrast in darkish games/sims. Also, thanks to the base stations I got perfect tracking. Once I got this all running perfectly I decided to take my Vive Pro to wireless. I installed all the wireless gear on the headset and reinstalled the wireless software. This all went well and the Vive Pro wireless worked very well. About the same performance drop as I got with my wireless Cosmos. The problem is that I get a lot of Mura in darkish games/sims, even just the initial Vive void. It's like a grey veil and looks terrible. In light coloured areas it looks fine. I tried reinstalling SteamVR and also tried beta and non-beta versions, but this did not make any difference. I also tried different wireless modes 1-3 and this did nothing. I ended up removing all the wireless gear and software and ran my Vive Pro wired. All of a sudden it was all back to normal Mura-free. I don't understand why the Mura only shows up with my wireless Vive Pro. Except for the Mura the image colour/resolution is ~ the same wired or wireless. Any suggestions? Thanks. @Synthesis @jagibson
  12. Alan, that item is simply a replacement for the Link Box that came with your Cosmos and is a little more compact. However, there is not much advantage to this for most imho. To go from Wireless back to tethered (I have done this a couple of times btw) you first go to your Vive Cosmos menu, wireless, and disable this. Then you need to hook up your Link Box again. Actually you can leave it hooked up when wireless as long as you do not power it on = green light. Then disconnect the short wireless headset cable and replace it with the long wired one and reconnect it to your Link Box. Restart everything, power on your Link Box, startup your Vive Cosmos console and you should be good to go. If you want to go back to Wireless; exit your Vive Cosmos console, power off your Link Box, change headset cables, startup the Vive console, menu, wireless, and re-enable it (you may need to re-pair your wireless connection). Just my opinion but if you go wireless and you are happy with it you should just keep it wireless and avoid switching back and forth. Constantly plugging/unplugging/plugging your headset cable may eventually damage the headset's connector imho.
  13. Sorry but I don’t think that this is a common problem and it normally should be solved by referring to the manual’s troubleshooter I suggest you work with Vive support and see if you can identify the cause. Could be a driver or maybe a hardware defect. Who knows? Hard to believe you have suffered with this problem for so long.
  14. OK, I uninstalled my Cosmos Wireless and reinstalled my Vive Pro w/2.0 base stations/controllers (wired for now, wireless later). Now I'm back to perfect tracking (without diif's in lighting) and great oled blacks and contrast in darkish games. I might also add that I also have installed the Etsy Gear VR lens mod and this has made a big improvement to clarity and increased the sweet spot. You lose a few degrees of FOV but this is worth it to me. I do not get any distortion with this version like earlier DIY ones imho. I also tried the Etsy lens mod with my Cosmos (they have 3 versions; Vive OG, Vive Pro and Cosmos) and the improvements, while good, were not as significant as with my Vive Pro. Maybe because the Cosmos lens are already pretty good, or maybe they are a better match with the Pro's oled screens? Oh the Serenity, lol! From the Aussie movie The Castle. Deff worth a watch if you ever want to appreciate good Aussie humor. Cheers guys.
  15. Fine except if you are already on the beta option you can not go back to the previous beta version, only to the current Public release, which was prior to the previous beta.
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