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  1. No, you need an available PCIe slot for installing the WiGig® card. A few have tried going through tb3 with external adapters but no one has reported any success doing so that I'm aware of. If you want a similar experience maybe you should get a backpack for your laptop, lol!
  2. So you are telling me you do not have Vive software installed? Am I better to uninstall all Vive software? Please explain, thanks. I have both Steam Client Bootstrapper and VivePort Desktop enabled in my win10 startup. These both show up on my taskbar and are pretty well as easy to use. Should I disable both of these?
  3. I finally got this sound startup problem solved today! As I said earlier the problem was that my Vive Pro kept wanting to use the Speakers Vive Pro multimedia option. This is a USB connection so since I have a fair amount or usb devices I think that bandwidth was the problem. I needed to restart the headset every time to get this to work ok. I had tried using the Vive Pro nvidia high definition audio but my sound settings said that this was only a hdmi connection so it would not work properly, So, today the first thing I did was verify my (non-beta) SteamVR files (from steam library right click/properties/local files tab). I then reinstalled the nvidia HD drivers (actually used DDU , in Safe mode, to uninstall then reinstalled my current 442.59 drivers, just selecting custom install graphics, hd audio and physx). After a PC restart (always a good idea after installing nvidia drivers) I powered on my link box, which of course wanted to startup the speakers vive pro usb. I then went into win10 sound settings/sound control panel, and disabled these and reselected my desktop speakers (nvidia hi def) on my sound taskbar. I then started up SteamVR and went to the audio settings and for audio in there was a manual option for Vive Pro Nvidia hi def audio (which I had not seen before) so I selected this. I just left the audio in (mic) on the headset option. I restarted the headset and I could see that it then properly showed the nvidia hi def were used and when I tested it with a desktop mp3 music file it played perfectly through my vive pro headphones. So now I just need to startup my pc (letting steam and viveport apps startup enabled on my task manager startup tab). Then I power on my link box (which now does not startup the old speakers vive pro usb audio but stays on my desktop speakers. Then I startup SteamVR (I found this easiest to do by just pressing the button on the left side of my headset) and when StreamVR starts up it properly switches to the vive pro nvidia hi def audio and everything works perfectly. If I go to the win10 sound settings again I can see that the audio out is to the vive pro nvidia and my mic is through the vive pro multimedia and I can test this on it's sound bar (or mute it with the right headphone mic button). When I exit SteamVR and then power off my link box my sound gets properly re-directed to my desktop speakers. I have tried at least 6x cold restarts and so far this is working perfectly. I also checked my SteamVR settings/audio and now both options are on headset audio in, not manual. Success at last, lol!
  4. My Vive Pro does not have this problem. If I change its % pixel density for a specific game (custom) it does this, but only after restarting the game. Maybe try going into your desktop steam menu, right click on it, go to the files tab and select check integrity of files. Then restart your PC.. If this does not help contact Steam support.
  5. I recently am having a few audio startup problems with my Vive Pro. After starting up SteamVR I need to restart the headset or else the audio is distorted/crackles. After this, all works well. I have checked my SteamVR installation (checked file integ) and all is fine. I thought it may be useful to re-install my Vive software to see if better drivers are available. Is this a good idea and if so, how am I best to do this. Thanks.
  6. @Zimona I don't think your idea of trading up to a Cosmos Elite for aud$400 is going to happen. In order to change your OG Cosmos to external tracking would require; Cosmos Elite faceplate = aud$400 2x 1.0 base stations = aud$400 2x 1.0 controllers = aud$400 1x Pro Link Box = aud$87 if you want to be able to use Bluetooth to switch off your base stations. So, at least aud$1200 total. For another aud$500 you could just buy the Elite combo = aud$1700. Then you could run a dual VR headset setup which you may find handy and it should be pretty easy to switch between the 2 headsets/controllers. Or you could try to sell your OG Cosmos. Probably best to just hope that Vive improves the OG Cosmos tracking.
  7. And yet the Oculus Rift S and Quest inside-out tracking is still soooo much better than OG Cosmos. Why?
  8. If you can afford it, like I can, I suggest finding/buying a Vive Pro full kit w/2.0 base stations/controllers. This headset may make you a Vive supporter again imho.
  9. @Hooflee In Australia the original price of the Elite faceplate-only was aud$349. This is now aud$399 but includes a free copy of Alyx (worth about aud$84). So, technically maybe a bit of discount but not much, lol! Honestly, for me, Vive would either need to offer this faceplate free and/or fix inside-out tracking before I'll take my OG Cosmos out of its box again.
  10. Well, probably time to either follow a YouTube controller repair procedure (google for these) or contact Vive Support and see if they can help you out. Good luck mate.
  11. Sounds like a battery problem. Maybe try each controller with a usb powered supply.
  12. Unless your living room play space is more than ~3mx3m I would just use 2x stations in each room. You probably will need to re-do room setup in any case.
  13. Pretty sure you need to enter the code for Alyx within Steam. Just google 'how to redeem game codes on steam' and you will find simple instructions how to do this; How to activate Steam Game Key/Code Launch Steam and log into your account. Go to Games then click on Activate a Product on Steam... Enter the code you purchased. Go to your Steam game library, highlight the game, and click install.
  14. I'm also in Australia and have been considering the Cosmos Elite faceplate for my OG (pre-ordered) Cosmos since I already have Vive 2.0 base stations/controllers that came with my Vive Pro full kit. This originally sold for aud$349 earlier this month and today I looked at it and it is now priced at aud$399! Neither of these come with any extras like VivePort subscriptions or free HLA. So, I'm not likely to jump in and buy one of these. I was kinda hoping that is would be much more sensibly priced, maybe with a very high discount for current OG Cosmos users. So for now my Cosmos will remain in the box awaiting better inside out tracking and I will just continue to use my Vive Pro and Oculus Rift cv1 for all my VR needs.
  15. Probably best to contact Vive support and see if they can resolve this. I'm sure they can imho.
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