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  1. So you need to login with your Vive account, with your current browser, then start the Vive installer. Why would you do otherwise? Sorry, but maybe I'm missing something?
  2. Normally it has dlc options, same as Steam, although sometimes they take a kittle longer to appear. Like Steam, you will usually need to pay extra for these.
  3. In general, laptops do not always play well with VR. Your specs look ok but not really high end. Still, you should get a decent result even if you need to use lower graphics settings (try reducing your SteamVR % pixel density for starters). The main issue I've had with gaming laptops is heat related. Even if you use a cooling pad laptops do not shed heat very well, esp. when you are pushing them hard with VR. This can cause thermal overloads which will automatically reduce your performance. Often in VR you will end up with a stuttering mess. Last year I moved to a desktop gaming PC from an Alienware 17r4 gaming laptop that I was using with an Alienware Graphics Amplifier (AGA) with a gtx1080ti installed in it. While I got pretty good VR performance it was not spectacular and my Laptop ran pretty warm most of the time. I moved my gtx1080ti into a desktop gaming pc w/i9 9900k water cooled, and this doubled my VR performance. I just wish I had done this to begin with.
  4. So, did lowering the %pixel density for Beatsaber help or not? Otherwise, I'm not sure why you're losing performance, esp. if it was working ok before. I would not think that Beatsaber would be that hard on your system. Maybe try uninstalling Beatsaber and reinstall it again, or if it's in your Steam library you can run the verify files option. If you are using a SteamVR beta maybe try opting out of it. Also it may be worth right clicking on steamVR in your library/properties/files and run the verify files to see if you may have a corrupt SteamVR file. Of course you can always contact Vive Support and ask them for help. They are usually very helpful. They will probably ask you to send them some log files and will explain how to do this. Pretty easy , and they may be able to more quickly identify your problem imho. If you think it's a SteamVR issue you can also contact Steam Support and ask them for help. Sorry but I don't know how to best 'test' your 1080ti gpu (I also use this gpu btw). In any case if it were a gpu hardware problem it probably would not even work at all. One thing I have found in the past is that Vive VR does not work well if you are using any gpu overclocking software like msi afterburner. I was using this with a bit of overclock and I was getting all sorts of instability with VR. I used the program to go back to stock settings, then uninstalled the OC software. All's been good since. The first things I'd do regarding your nvidia setup is to go into your nvidia control panel 3D settings and restore everything to Default (just in case you accidently changed something not good for VR). Only settings you need to adjust are top line = prefer high powered nvidia gpu (usually only needed if your pc also has an integrated intel gpu, like most laptops), Power = prefer max performance, and v-sync = off. If that does not help you may want to try a different nvidia driver. I'm currently using 442.59 because I think it gives me the best overall VR performance. I use the free program DDU in Safe mode to delete current drivers (lots of info on how to use this, just google). Also, when I install nvidia drivers I do a custom install and only install driver, hd audio, and physx. All I can think of mate and I don't think I can be of any further assistance. Good luck and cheers.
  5. Pretty basic SteamVR stuff mate. Right click on your SteamVR icon ( like you did to get your performance graph. Select settings then video. You will see the % pixel density (sometimes referred to as super sampling) slider (global). With a 1080ti I would slide this to 100% since SteamVR often seems to want it at 130% for some reason. Anyway try this for starters. Any time you change this you need to restart your game for it to take effect. You can also select this by game as well but I’ll leave that for you to figure out yourself. Good luck mate.
  6. OK, thanks for clarifying that mate. A few months ago I asked about using my Cosmos wireless with the Elite faceplate and a mod (Vibra?) with my Vive PRo base stations/controllers and I thought he mentioned for me yo keep my Pro LinkBox connected for BT to control my base station power options. Maybe I misunderstood. Thanks.
  7. If you already have an OG Vive w/basestations/controllers you should be able to slap the new Elite faceplate onto your OG Cosmos and be good to go with your OG Vive base stations/controllers. Well, at least after you redo your SteamVR room setup. I think the new Elite faceplate still comes with a free copy of Half Life Alyx and probably 2-3 months VivePort Infinity sub (which you can add onto your current sub if you have one). No other cables are included, you can just use your OG Cosmos cables/linkbox. However, if you want to be able to turn your base stations off from SteamVR with BlueTooth then you may need to purchase a Vive Pro Linkbox because I don't think that the OG Cosmos Linbox (or even the convertor that comes with the Elite bundle) includes BT. Hope this helps.
  8. Probably means your % pixel density is too high. Try lowering it down until you get back down to 11ms or less. This is what's necessary for a good 90fps framerate.
  9. I see that my infinity Saints and Sinners now shows up in my VivePort Library as Purchased. Nice bonus imho. I've really got a lot of good value out of VivePort Infinity sub over the past year. I keep adding to my sub whenever a sale is on and when I purchase extra Vive gear. Right now I'm good til Aug/2022, lol!
  10. If you are using a SteamVR beta (right click, properties, beta tab) then try non-beta. If not, try beta. Also, maybe try re-plugging all your headset and pc cables (before turning on your pc). All I can think of. Maybe try contacting Steam and Vive support.
  11. You may have a corrupt SteamVR file. Go to your Steam library, right click on your steamvr app, properties/local files tab, and verify files.
  12. Maybe attach your controller to your PC via a usb cable and see if you can update its firmware. Also, make sure your controller is fully charged. Otherwise, contact Vive Support and see if they can help. Good luck mate.
  13. Try disabling any usb power savings you have. Maybe follow these instructions for your wireless adapter settings; https://www.vive.com/us/support/wireless-adapter-cosmos/category_howto/turning-off-usb-power-management.html Hope this helps. If not, I suggest you contact Vive Support.
  14. I had the exact same problem a few months ago with my Vive Pro. Reinstalling all my Vive Pro software including SteamVR and VivePort did not help. What I found solved my Vive Pro audio problem was to uninstall my nvidia drivers with DDU and then reinstall my nvidia graphics, HD audio, and physx drivers. You may get away without using DDU to uninstall these and just update your nvidia drivers to something more current than you now have. I'm using nvidia 442.19 and it works great. Once you reinstall these drivers startup SteamVR and right click on the SteamVR icon window, select settings, Audio, and then select the Vive Pro HD audio, Vive Pro mic, and at the your desktop audio for when SteamVR exits. After you do this, exit SteamVR and restart it. Go into the SteamVR audio settings again to make sure it's using HD Vive Pro audio. After it starts up you can select any mp3 music file you may have handy and it should play nicely, crackle free through your Vive Pro headphones. Anyway, this worked well for me and I have not had any audio problems since.
  15. So, when are we going to see Oculus Rift S quality inside-out tracking with our OG Cosmos? I think we all deserve a proper response to this simple question.
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