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  1. @TomCgcmfc I charged it fully after unboxing it and it just happened to last for just about 2 1/2 hours exactly.
  2. Following this. Got the wireless and it's a game changer. However, having a second battery is a must. Ran through a fully charged battery last night and while it did last about 2 1/2 hours, I wanted to keep going.
  3. I have the wireless adapter and kit coming tomorrow so can't wait to test them out tomorrow night!
  4. When can this be ordered? It still says Coming Soon on the main HTC site. Will it be available from Amazon as well?
  5. Strange. I pre-ordered the Cosmos but never saw anything about the wireless adapter. I've been patiently waiting because the cord is starting to get on my nerves haha
  6. Where did you get it from? It still shows as "Coming Soon" on HTC's site.
  7. I have decided to keep it because I'm not having as many issues as others have reported. I'm on the 1.0.7 beta build now and have seen improvements with tracking. I do have issues still with sniper games or bow and arrow games, but it seems like the prediction has improved (albeit slightly). Lighting hasn't been an issue for me either. However, I agree that something should be done for early adopters who have kept the Cosmos. Even though I've been generally happy with it, for the price, it should've been more stable from the get-go. I read constant posts on Reddit and other sites where users have simply given up and returned it. To be honest, I almost did as well. However, adopting tech does come with risks. Had I waited a few weeks, I don't think I would've purchase the Cosmos. That being said, I have enjoyed my time with the unit and expect improvements in the upcoming weeks. Please don't make me regret this purchase, HTC. I have supported you in the past and would like to do so comfortably in the future.
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