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  1. Just picked up a lip tracker today, so I can't say I've tried much yet, but I'm having the same problem so far. Interested to see if anyone has advice. Seems strange that they wouldn't play nicely together.
  2. Hi @eugie, I edited your script slightly, combining it with the script posted by @Corvus in this other thread: VIVE Eye Tracking at 120hz - VIVE Eye and Facial Tracking SDK - Community Forum I will post it below. But it is working fine for me, so thanks very much. I noticed that it doesn't work in other projects that are also using the Tobii XR SDK, perhaps that could be your problem? EyeTrackingRecordData.cs
  3. @dNazarik wondering if you could share more info on what you did to fix the issue? I'm having the same problem.
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