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  1. Glad to have been of service, I hope more people in our situation can be saved some time and hasstle by my efforts. I can't recall which type of PCI slot my adapter is in from work, and the picture I have is too dark to see it. But I'm planning to add another wireless adapter at some point, and I will keep your input in mind when I go to it. I was between an entirely separate adapter and getting a different adapter for the motherboard side that splits the 1 slot to 4 USB connectors, but the issue you came up with will probably push me towards the latter. Thank you.
  2. Connection occurs with the same normalcy, speed, and signal strength as when the card was still directly on the motherboard. One issue I came across while moving stuff around in the rack is that the connectors seem a bit loose; I'm not sure if it was the USB or PCI at the motherboard, but one of those connections fell out enough that Windows no longer saw the device, even though the light on the card stayed on. Shutting down, re-seating, and powering up fixed the issue. If it's the USB, some more electrical tape should solve that fine. If it's the PCI I'm not sure what to do, maybe put a weight on top of the connector? I think I'll just try the tape and then stop touching it.
  3. Having battled with this issue since my wireless adapter arrived, I have finally reached success. Here is what I did.
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