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  1. Hi, I'm using VIVE Pro Eye with some medical purposes. I'm doing well with Unity Editor. Eye Calibration is fine in the editor mode. but when I build it and run, it seems like all eye tracking data is flushed. My tracking direction is fixed to (0, 0, 0), whether I move my eyes or not. So I tried to run calibration in runtime, within the Start() void Start() { bool calibrationSuccessful = false; do calibrationSuccessful = SRanipal_Eye_v2.LaunchEyeCalibration(); while (!calibrationSuccessful); StartTesting(); } lik
  2. Hello. I'm using Pro Eye for medical purposes, directly related with pupil size and position. Tobii says that the information I get contains pupil size and pupil data, but according to This Page, there is no information about pupils. Is it possible to get the information about pupil size and position, or will it be added in future?
  3. @Cory_HTC @Daniel_Y Hello, I failed calibration initiallization too. When I click right mouse and "About", it says that it's eye camera version is not N/A, and my SR version is Restarting computer, reinstalling VIVE and SteamVR, and all method offered above didn't work for me. How can I fix it? Will it be OK if I get older version of SRapinal?
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