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  1. It seems I can't change the post title. Can moderators update my title to replace "Vive" with "Valve Index"? Don't want to mislead others. Very sorry for the misleading title.
  2. After surveying other users, I'm thinking the user probably confused Valve with Vive, other users also reported the same problem with Valve Index controllers, the pointer works but they can't click with Trigger on the Index controller. Has this been reported by others before? Is there any solution for Valve Index controls? I'm not using any other VR plugin or SDK. just pure Unity with Vive Input Utility. It works fine on almost all other systems, just not on Index. @chengnay
  3. Attached image is my raycaster setup, pretty much out of the box. This works fine in Windows Mix Reality, and possibly other headsets but a user with Vive reports that he can't interact with UI, it has the laser pointer but the trigger button it doesn't click. I don't have a Vive setup to verify that, just wondering if someone else had this issue before? Also, is there any channel to get access to VIVE headset & controller for development purpose without having to buy it? It feels a bit outdated to get a vive in 2019 even if funding is not an issue. @chengnay
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