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  1. I wonder how many users should report the problem to receive any response from the team 😕
  2. Hello! So in the specs it is said that the eye-tracker data output frequency is 120Hz, however, I can not get it higher than around 90Hz, which is the rate at which my scene is rendered. I tried with FixedUpdate with a small fixed timestamp, but it just repeats the fixation values on the extra cycles. Could you tell me please if it is possible to obtain the output from the eye-tracker faster than the Updates happen? I apologize for possibly noob questions, but also, if I will make my scene render faster, will it help, considering that the vive itself refresh rate is 90 Hz?
  3. Ok, found an answer in the code, and it depends on the requested GazeIndex, so can be Combined Gaze Origin or the Gaze Origin of one of the eyes.
  4. Could you specify please, is the origin parameter of the SRanipal_Eye.GetGazeRay() equal to the Combined Gaze Origin on the picture? And does "local coordinates" in its description mean that its coordinates are with respect to the System Origin?
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