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  1. You probably know a lot of people use VIVE trackers for budget Virtual Production studios. The problem is that we see a lot of jitter in the tracking data particularly when the trackers are moving slowly. For doing TV work they are almost ALWAYS moving a lot slower than for a game, when they are tracking a camera on a tripod, the jitter you see is really annoying. I'm wondering if anything can be done about this, particularly now that you can get to the trackers through OpenXR. All that is needed is a little noise reduction or low pass filtering and these things would be great, right n
  2. I'm trying to track a webcam streaming live video using a vive tracker puck in unrealengine. I got most of it to work but because there is some delay in the video feed I need to delay the tracker data by an equal amount (several frames) so the tracker data will match up with the video. Is there a way to do this? @Jad @Dario @foo
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