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  1. Hi everyone, I'm just quoting the e-mail I wrote to CTDI Romania after they refused to accept the warranty claim: Repair of HTC Vive HMD, SN FA8B2JJ00361, CTDI repair no 416334HRO Dear Sirs, the damage from liquid has been caused by sweat as you know. This has been covered by warranty in old versions of the VIVE warranty terms before HTC supposedly realized that the product is vulnerable for this and deleted the sentence about perspiration. Instead of changing the product and making it more durable against sweat, HTC rather changed the warranty terms. This is not only ethically questionable but has also caused a lot of damage to HTC’s reputation. When you google for the problem you see its well known in VR boards, YouTube-Channels, Reddit, Steam-Community etc. Somebody made a nice video about this here: I actually already thought about buying a Vive Pro because Beatsaber is more fun without cable, but with this customer service I’m not sure. Do you really want to go on with this strategy and make customers upset? I’d like to ask you to send a new RMA to Mr. Härtel from Saturn and make the repair under warranty which would only be fair. Thank you. Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards [END OF MESSAGE] Their answer was: Hello, In this conditions we can repair it only with cost, if you want to be repaired and pay please contact Htc to open a new ticket. Thank you Now I'm actually thinking about giving the case to a lawyer. Does anyone have experience about that so that they would repair it when they get a letter from a lawyer?
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