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  1. After tried anything. I decide to recovery my laptop. and it's work!..... I cancel all the update about windows and GPU drivers. maybe the drivers are the reason. thanks for help anyway.
  2. I use the MSI GP63 Leopard 8RF I have try the vivecheck. It's say the processor is powerless for VR. It's I7-8750H but in 2.2GHZ . I checked the resource manager. the CPU clock can up to 3.8GHZ. Is vivecheck detect the default clock not the true using clock? but steamvr performance test shows it a best level device for VR. I also tried using GP62 7RF with same vive pro set and it's work correctly. (vivecheck show no warning.and CPU clock is2.8GHZ) I forget to mention that I use MiniDP to DP adapter. I first doubt may the port adapter causing the problem. but after running correctly in GP62 shows that. cables are fine. the GPU driver of 2 version I both tried get same result. both shows the HDCP error few seconds after rebooted HMD. thanks for your help Sorry for the photos instead of the screenshots.
  3. I got SteamVR HDCP after turn on the stamvr. and got situation like the following post https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/5730-vive-pro-hdcp-error/ i tried what he has tried. and I can't install that driver version. i have 2 vive pro and 1vive. pros are new. each cable are switched and tried. here is link to my steam report. plz help~Thanks https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hF3EmjrOWDqyOZI4OeL4XPv1QrGbgDpv
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