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  1. I have a VIVE Pro Eye headset, I have use it for one year. Start from two weeks ago, SteamVR can not connect it anymore. The screen is black, the light is in red color. On the StearmVR panel, no Base Station and Headset icon. It always prompt headset not connect Error code 108. I have tried all the 5 method from website. No one works. I delete the SteamVR and reinstalled still not working. Reinstall VIVE still same thing. In setup VIVE, it prompt the USB detected, DisplayPort detected. But when go to room setting, it prompt no headset connected! Could you help me figure this? I use another headset plug into this linkbox, it works fine right way. And In the SteamVR setting, Device Basestation shows Bluetooth not avialable. Please see attached images. Thanks, Lindsey
  2. Hi: I am in programming a project which need to retrieve the headset movement data(head movement). Is there a way to get that headset movement data dynamically? And is that possible to not use Unity to do so? Any SDK like the "SRanipal" runtime to provide the eye tracking data? Thanks a lot. @Daniel_Y @zzy
  3. Any one has idea about the head motion tracking? I am also want to do head move tracking.
  4. Hi Daniel_Y, Thanks for your information. That explain the problem I have. One more question, is that possible to get the OpenVR API without turn on the SteamVR? Because I need to run my application with Direct Display mode. Thanks again,
  5. Hi @Daniel_Y I actually want to get eye IPD value from C# application. not through the Unity. and SteamVR. IsI see the ViveSR classes has some SingleEyeData. Is one of them can be used to calculate the IPD? Thank you very much.
  6. Jason_Lu, where can I find the "ViveSR.anipal.Eye". Thanks.
  7. Hi Vive expert, We bought the VIVE Proeye tracking system and doing some eye tracking research. It does work well. Now I want to get the eye IPD value from C++. I do have the SRanipal sample download and tested. in C++ it just return the eye tracking vector data. Could you give me some suggestion about how to get the eye IPD? Because we need this value to make sure subject is correctly wear the headset and both eyes are looking at the right way. Thank you very much.. @Daniel_Y @Corvus
  8. Hi @Daniel_Y, Thanks for your reply. I finally get this eye tracking camera works. My SR runtime version is Actually, here is what I did. I turn off my PC. then restart it. I first turn on the SR runtime. Then the Steam, and SteamVR. Try the eye tracking does return the eye data and also the eye calibration works. Then switch to the Disable Direct Display Mode. Then at this point, I have to logout the user, and re login(If I don't do this, the Headset display will not show the desktop, I don't know why). start the SR runtime, and check the headset display does show the computer desktop. Run the SRanipal_SDK eye tracking sample, it does return correct eye tracking data. I write all the steps I did. Hope it may help someone else. And also hope you can point out if somewhere is not correct, or can be changed. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Daniel_Y, Thanks for reply. Here is the message I got. See the image I insert at here. Thanks, @Corvus @Daniel_Y
  10. Hi Corvus, Thanks for reply. Acturally, I did start the SRanipal runtime first and with the /SRanipal_SDK_1.0.1.0_Eye/Eye/01_C/ sample application, can not catch any eye data. But if run with the steamVR and "Disable Direct Display Mode", then it will return eye tracking data. Any other suggestion? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello, I am working on using VIVE pro eye tracking headset to collect eye tracking data. I use the VIVE headset as extend Monitor (not in unity). I can display my contents on the headset screen correctly. But When I try to get the eye tracking data, I do not get any data from SRanipal. I think the reason is because I do not run this in Unity and steamVR. But I do run the SRanipal runtime. It report the eye tracking camera is not turn on. Does anyone know how to turn on the eye tracking camera? What command or code should I include into my application? I use C# coding the test. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks @Daniel_Y. I already installed the SRanipal SDK. I will try it.
  13. Hi Tech support, I am new here. I want to use C# application to read the eye tracking data from VIVE Pro Eye tracking device. Is this possible? Is there some dll or plugin method I can call? I know that FOVE head set allow you to do this. Thanks, @Cory_HTC @Daniel_Y
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