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  1. Hello, Some computers and work environments use the HTC Vive in accessible workstations for users in the workspace, for example at a library or office. However, for security reasons, the computers at use generally have an automatic hard log out after a period of inactivity (lets say 10 minutes), where inactivity is determined by keyboard or mouse input. However, while using the Vive, the user receives no warning and the inputs from the Vive and controllers do not count as activity, causing log outs mid way through a session and deleting data. How do you prevent this? The logical solution would be to include movement of the headset or controllers as activity, however this information cannot be sent to the desktop, from what I understand. I would like to note that solutions that suggest that the log out feature is entirely removed are not acceptable, since workspaces keep automatic log outs for security reasons and this should be considered as part of the problem. The computer should log out if it determines there has been ten minutes of idleness: no user input. The workspace I work with has a workstation with the HTC Vive headset and two motion controllers and runs on Windows 10. Is there any way to do this currently? And if not, could this be implemented? Thanks!
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