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  1. Thanks gazeBehavior, this information is essential! It sounds like the gaze delay is comparable to other current consumer VR eye tracking solutions around the same price point. It also sounds like the delay is due to software (gaze position calculation) rather than hardware. To say that the Pro Eye eye tracker is unsuitable for research is too strong, as the eye data can be recorded and corrected after-the-fact. Additionally, task/gameplay demands could enforce longer fixations for real-time user control applications. With a latency of 83ms relative to head tracking, the Pro Eye eye tracker is on the cusp of tolerable (50-70ms) although not optimal (20-40ms) latency for foveated rendering (https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3127589). This latency seems better than expected (although not as good as hoped). Gaze position calculation could be optimized for speed; however, optimization may require alterations in tobbi's proprietary (and encrypted) code, and therefore might be outside of HTC's and developers' control.
  2. Any news on this topic? It's been one week, which is a long time in the VR world! I'd love to buy a Vive Pro Eye today, but this makes me hesitate. In my research as neuroscientist/neuroengineer, the most exciting effects are real-time (foveated rendering, prosthetics, gaze-contingency), which depend on low latency. These effects will tolerate low accuracy/precision better than high latency. So, does it look like there is a delay in registering eye movements relative to head movements? If the delay is constant, this is workable. If the delay is variable/unpredictable then the situation becomes more difficult.
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