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  1. Is there any way I can get some help pointing me in the right direction for getting SRanipal to work with Prepar3D? Or am I just going to have to brute force my way through this and manually convert the Vive's eye tracking data into Prepar3D's format? @Daniel_Y
  2. Is it possible to get a release version of It would be extremely helpful in figuring out what exactly is preventing Prepar3D from connecting to the Vive Pro Eye, as Lockheed Martin claims that they support the Vive Pro Eye.
  3. That's what I had figured. Is there any way for me to build my own support for SRanipal within Prepar3d, or would I have to go about asking the folks over at Lockheed Martin how to do that?
  4. (Took too long on the edit): Should be worth mentioning a few things I noticed while poking around. The SDK for Prepar3d says the following about its config file: Obviously, the only SRanipal.dll I have is of version Additionally, the Windows Event Viewer says the following: It seems like Prepar3d is looking for version, but again, I'm really not sure where to go from there.
  5. Pretty much exactly as the title says. I've gone through the steps necessary to activate eye tracking with SteamVR, and walked through the steps to set up VR in Prepar3d. Everything works just fine until I try to activate eye tracking. The moment I flip the switch, prepar3d.exe does a complete CTD, with no error log except in the Event Viewer, which points toward SRanipal as the culprit. However, I am not entirely sure how to go about fixing this issue. @Cory_HTC
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