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  1. i started having this issue whenever i face the base station labeled B and happens after 15 minutes, when i hard reset the headset by unplugging power from the link box and holding the side of the headset it fixes for about an hour then starts again.
  2. and when it starts to happen i get spammed with notifications that steamVR can't update because im using the app
  3. It's for sure not the base station, ive tested them both on their own and they work fine, i've reset my headset by unplugging the power cord on the link box and holding down the button on the side of the headset, i then get a update on steamVR, i proceed and after about an hour it starts again. then it happens every 15 minutes, just continouse flashing grey lights on base station B
  4. So i got my vive last week and it was working perfectly but recently, whenver i launch steamVR after 15-25 minutes whenever i face the base station labeled B on either one of the base stations it looses tracking and only gets worse, i managed to fix it when i hard reset my headset but now it's happened again, anyone had this issue and fix it? i really wouldn't like to send it for repair if it could be avoided
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