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  1. On mobile, when you want to access the camera API, it asks the user to accept the access to the camera. I imagined it could be the case for the camera pass-trough API as well. It seems to be the simplest way to have something that protect the privacy of users while making the API accessible.
  2. You can find some help here : https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/WaveVR_CameraTexture.html
  3. @HackPerception does the HTC Vive Focus Plus will still support this feature ?
  4. Hello Everyone, with the Vivecon going on, we know that the Focus 3 will be available soon and that's a greate news. However, this source, states that it will be no more possible to get access to the camera video stream. It is a shame because, as a developer, I use this camera stream to do some Mixed Reality. I use it to read a QR-Code to be able to read the position of a real object and position the virtual one at the same place. The camera stream was very useful to make some Mixed Reality app and be able to merge the real and virtual world. If it is not possible, I have to sell or dump all my HTC Vive Focus Plus in order to buy some PicoVR headset or another non-HTC headset. But I love the fact that the Focus 3 is way better in term of view quality. Question to HTC : Do you confirm this information ? We will no more have access to the camera ? Question to the community : What do you think about this ? Are you ready to make your voice count and tell HTC we need access to the camera stream in order to make our Mixed Reality app working ?
  5. Hello. Does OpenXR is planned for the Vive Focus Plus ? If yes, when do you think a first version (alpha ?) will be released ? Thank you.
  6. Hello. I have started a Unity 2020.2.6f1 project. Then I downloaded XR Plugin Mangement 4.0.1 (also tried with 3.2.13) Then I added the scoped registry. Then I downloaded Vive Wave XR Plugin 1.0.1 Then it does not compile.
  7. Hello. I will start a new application for HTC Vive Focus Plus with hand tracking and I don't know which SDK should I use ? The WaveVR Hand Tracking documentation says that it's only experimental so I think I should use the Vive hand Tracking SDK ? Is there any plan of get rid of one of them ? Or HTC will maybe mix them ? What is the best plan if I'm starting a fresh professional project ? I won't use any wired headset for this project. @chengnay @Corvus @Tony PH Lin
  8. Hello. I can see that in the Unreal SDK there is a teleport method but I can't find one in the Unity3D SDK. When I try to move the "head" object, it doesn't work, it goes back to it previous position. I think this is because I can't move the head of the player, it seems normal. When I try to move the "WaveVR" object, it works but it move the "play area" not the player. Example : Let's say X is my origin, where the player start My player move 1m to the right (X+1) Then the player point with its controller somewhere in the scene, let's call this point P. Then the player push a button of its controller. At that time I do something like WaveVR.position = P.position My player is now 1m to the right of P (P+1). Not P. What can I do ? Thank you @Tony PH Lin
  9. Maybe you should use private WaveVR_Controller.Device nonDominantController; Start() { nonDominantController = WaveVR_Controller.Input(WaveVR_Controller.EDeviceType.NonDominant); nonDominantController.TriggerHapticPulse(); }
  10. I manage to get the Touchpad by doing this : controllerRight.GetPressDown(WaveVR_ButtonList.EButtons.Touchpad) but controllerRight.dominantController.GetPressDown(WaveVR_ButtonList.EButtons.Menu) and controllerRight.GetPressDown(wvr.WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_Alias1_Trigger) and controllerRight.GetPressDown(WaveVR_ButtonList.EButtons.Trigger) doesn't seems to work. @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  11. When Installing Unity 2019 you could have checked this : If yes, your SDK and JDK is located somewhere in this folder : C:\Program Files\Unity3D\2019.1.13f1\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer if you have only installed Android studio, your SDK is located here : C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
  12. Hello. I did a new Unity project with Unity 2019.1.13f1 and WaveSDk wave_3.1.1_unity_1(Beta) and when I build this in my HTC Vive Focus Plus, my game is rendered on a plane, like it's a 2D game. What should I do to fix this issue ?
  13. It's working with the 3.1.1. But it seems that the FoV is smaller than a quest app without the waveSDK. @chengnay
  14. Hello. I wanted to make an app that works with an Oculus Quest AND a Vive Focus Plus. I drag & dropped the wave_sdk.unitypackage (3.0.2) in an empty Unity3D 2018.3.14f1 project, then I modify my project settings as you can see in the pictures. Then I build the project in my Oculus Quest and when I launch the app, it crashes, return to menu. I did not even put the WaveVR prefab in the scene. What should I do to make an app that works with Oculus Quest AND HTC Vive Focus Plus ? Thank you !
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