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  1. New steam update, the controls work again.
  2. Great, that's reassuring to be told this. I'll wait for the public release of the software.
  3. No one that reads on this forum owns a vive pro? Would be great to get feedback if your buttons work on current software states?
  4. I filmed the buttons working from January backup. I then restored my system back to current(today's) state with buttons not working. Saying this because I'll be contacting HTC for assistance, so they know it was me who posted this on this day.
  5. I've got an update on this. I restored a backup of my entire computer from January and guess what? All the buttons on my vive pro worked perfectly! Guess this proves it's a software issue. It would be helpful if people reading this who own a vive pro could check their sound control and mic buttons, confirming if they work or not. Thanks.
  6. The sound/volume buttons on my vive pro aren't working (on left earphone). The mic on/off switch on the right earphone has no effect either. I can adjust the sound levels through the vive pro using the settings on the computer but not on the headset. Anyone?
  7. I tried the vive in the shops, it was amazing, even with the SDE. I decided to purchase the vive pro. The SDE is certainly less prominent with this upgrade, giving more immersive looking graphics. But, yes, if you look for the SDE, you'll find it. Though it's certainly not "in your face" and impossible to ignore like with the vive. Rosieox, it seems a bizarre thing to say, that you don't care about improved graphics? Also, the vive pro is more than just a graphics resolution upgrade. It has other improvements over the basic model.
  8. Thanks for that information, that is reassuring.
  9. Hmmm, does this mean I should buy a spare cable for my vive pro now?
  10. Thanks for this. I know have the power management for base stations activated and it works great. A good weight off my shoulders, never having to worry about forgetting to switch off base stations again.
  11. I have this problem too, it happens probably 60% of the time when i first go into VR from steam. Through trial and error, I found an easy quick fix. I simply click on the sound settings on taskbar and click on sound tab. That usually fixes it. If not; in that menu, disable vive pro sound, then re-enable. No big deal... VR is cutting edge, I bought it expecting issues. Doesn't affect my enjoyment.
  12. Is anyone going to answer this question?
  13. You can't answer three simple questions? You've certainly not convinced me that my original advice is ill-informed.
  14. Several points of clarity here, I am open to learning. We're not talking about gluing the lenses are we? It's an area below the lenses? When you say, "solvents...within..glues can cause permanent fogging", does that include even if the concerned area (the lenses in this case) is totally open to the air during curing of glue? Once the glue has dried, in an area separate from the lenses, are you saying that the lenses may still permanently fog?
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