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  1. I'd like a straight answer too. Feels like every time I ask about camera support being added later, staff always reply with something cryptic or essentially just give a 'maybe'. A straight 'yes' or 'no' would be appreciated, especially when paying over £500 for the Elite HMD on its own. @C.T.
  2. It does affect my view INSIDE the headset though, that's the problem. I have to turn my head in real life slightly in order to be looking 'straight ahead' in VR. Viewing myself in a mirror using VRChat, if I turn my head so that I'm staring straight at myself in a mirror, I can clearly see that my view is off-set to one side slightly. It's not completely game-breaking but it's sure annoying. You can see it in the picture above, specifically the VRChat one. Compare the middle of both eye views, make a straight vertical line down the middle of both eye views, you can see the left eye is looking at the inner edge of the avatar's left eye, and the right eye is pretty much looking straight into the centre of the avatar's left eye. This is whilst looking at my avatar straight on in-game. There shouldn't be a noticeable disparity like that.
  3. I've taken two screenshots of the Vive Console mirror window, one staring at my avatar in VRChat as straight as I could, setting the headset down and placing the controllers both STRAIGHT next to the headset. Notice how the hands are at an obvious angle in-game, despite my controllers being completely flush next to the headset. The second image, again, with the headset placed flat, I opened the SteamVR overlay without moving the headset so you can see how the overlay looks when viewed straight on. Notice how the overlay seems more centred in the left eye, but is off-set in the right eye. I've tried performing a reinstall of the Vive software to no avail. I've mostly gotten used to it at this point, but having to turn my head at a slight angle to view things straight on is a little annoying. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My IPD is adjusted correctly. This isn't a lens issue, the screens are displaying the view from the wrong point.
  5. Hey folks, Lately I noticed my Cosmos Elite headset has some weird issue where my view seems to be slightly offset to the right. I noticed this initially in VRChat looking at myself in a mirror and closing one eye, my right eye would look at my avatar's right eye, however my left eye would be looking at my nose bridge when making the avatar look straight at a mirror. I thought it was maybe just a problem relating to the game itself, but after checking other apps and also comparing eye views on the SteamVR overlay, it seems to be a persistent issue with the headset itself. Anyone know why it might be doing this? Any possible fixes I can do at home without RMA'ing my headset? Thanks in advance.
  6. Do you have a source where they 100% confirm it actually will be an added feature down the line? So far the best I've seen is indirect answers from HTC simply saying "It's not supported at the moment". Not exactly a 'Yes' as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Bumping out of sheer curiosity. Allegedly the passthrough cameras work when you're using a regular cosmos faceplate, so what exactly about the elite faceplate is preventing this feature from working? Please give us more than just a vague answer, will this or will this not be a feature on the cosmos elite?
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