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  1. I just adjusted the hierachy. Now it looks like this: In the example scene the hierachy still differs a bit. As you can see the childs are named in a different way. I also copied the whole gameObject VROrigin from the example scene. But I still cannot grab items from the virtual ground, because I reach the real floor too early.
  2. Hi, I am using the teleport script of the VIU to move around in my scene. I can also grab objects with the BasicGrabbable script. But once I have an item grabbed and teleport, I automaticially drop the object. Is there a way in the VIU scripts to combine both, teleporting and grabbing an item? Id be very thankful for any answers.
  3. Edit: Changing the y-Value of the ViveRig does affect my initial position. I put 30 in there and expected to be very high above my scene, but my position was moved along the z-axis. Strange behavior..
  4. Hi, thanks for the fast reply. Here is how I added the CustomDeviceHight.cs And here is how I modfied the CustomDeviceHeight script by adding the Wave.VR case: I tried several y-Values for the ViveRig object, but that doesnt really affect the height of the HMD. Only the public Height of CustomDeviceHeight script does so.
  5. BTW, I dont have the VRorigin or DeviceHeight Parent Object in my scene. Just the ViveRig (whoch includes the Cam, ViveTrackers and Controllers). Just in case its important to solve my problem. ( - tag added by moderator)
  6. Hi! I have a similar problem. I started to develop for the Focus Plus a week ago. Reading your conversation helped me already, since I added the "CustomDeviceHeight" Script into my sence (to the ViveRig object) to adjust the INITIAL deveice height. So when I start the scene everything is fine. But still, everytime I use the teleport function (ViveInputUtility script), the height messes up and I am way too high in the virtual world (about 1 meter too high). I followed all the instructions given here (order when to put on HMD...) I have the problem that I am unable to pick up items from the ground, since I touch the real floor before my controller in the virtual world touches its ground. Id be very very thankful for some advice, since I am looking for a solution for multiple days already. Cheers, Magnus
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