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  1. wrote: Hi, I have known your question, and I really recommend you not change the third party path. Cuz third party libs will be loaded at runtime and copied into package from Engine/Source/ThirdParty/ViveHandTracking. You could also change the path in ViveHandTracking.cs and *.xml(UPL for AndroidManifest) as you want, then you have to copy third party into the path you set. Please let me know if you solve it. I'm not sure I'm understanding your response. I am not changing any ThirdParty path. Most Unreal SDK plugins I've used in the past can be loaded from a ThirdParty path folder contained in either <Project>/Source/ThirdParty/<Plugin> or <Engine>/Source/ThirdParty/<Plugin>. If I try the first of these with the Hand Tracking SDK however, I get the error mentioned in the post. Does this mean that there is no way to use this as a plugin in a single project instead of adding it as an Engine-wide plugin? (I know Engine plugins can still be disabled on a per-project basis, but it would greatly benefit our team if we don't have to modify our Engine source directories.)
  2. Title says it all. Is there a way to install the plugin to my Unreal C++ project without copying the ThirdParty libs to the Engine directory? When I copy the ViveHandTracking source folder under ThirdParty (i.e. <PROJECT>/Source/ThirdParty/ViveHandTracking) and copy the ViveHandTracking plugin folder to my project Plugins folder (<PROJECT>/Plugins/ViveHandTracking) I get the following build error (after wiping temp files, regenerating the .sln and attempting a rebuild): Anyone see what is causing this to fail? It doesn't seem to be building properly even though the local machine path to the .dll is: "<PROJECT>/Source/ThirdParty/ViveHandTracking/libs/aristo_interface.dll". Any help?
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