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  1. Hi @Tony PH Lin,I tested SceneCapture2D not work on focus .Can not use SceneCapture2D with MultiView and MultiView(Direct),disable to work.Fov rendering error if MultiView and MultiView(Direct) is disabled.
  2. Hi@Tony PH Lin Our product was tested on other VR devices(Pico G2) and was not found z-fighting(Same render Settings for the same project).My guess is that the depth buffer precision is not high enough.
  3. @Tony PH Lin Is there a way to solve the z-fighting on focus?
  4. @henrikvrtraveler Only translucent can use "Translucency Sort Priority" .
  5. Hi, ue4 z-fighting it's terrible on focus.How to solve this problem? @Tony PH Lin @Cotta
  6. Hi, may I ask if 3.1 has been released? I can't find the download.
  7. Hi,everybody,there's any guidance on reducing z-fighting ? Depth buffering accuracy is very low on focus. I'm trying to modify r.gbufferformat, it didn't work.I don't want to separate faces that will increase drawcall. ( - tag added by moderator)
  8. May I ask when 3.1 will be released?Can you provide a solution?We desperately need ES3.1.There is also a problem with the unreal editor's UI not appearing properly when the wave plugin is enabled.Rebuild once to display properly.Like this: (tag added by moderator)
  9. Hello everyone, I am using UE4.21 for vive focus(sdk 3.0.2).When I packed my project into vive focus, the menu that popped up by pressing the home button did not show, it was black (ES3.1).There was no problem with ES2.0.I checked the materials and particles and found that the GPU particles in the particles and some nodes in the materials would affect the normal display of the menu.Remove these menus to display properly.I don't know what went wrong, but the materials and particles rendered correctly in the vive focus.
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