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  1. First time poster long time reader. I have a Vive Pro I bought in May of last year. I mounted my base stations to the walls as soon as I got home and there they have remained. Unfortunately I only get to use the system rarely and i usually go several months between playings. I only have used the system for 58 hrs playing Beat Saber. A few weeks ago one of my base stations started blinking red. After researching I understand that it can only be fixed by Valve so I contacted them and because it had been 13 months they said it was not covered. They said they could repair it for up to $150. He offered no other option. Not even an opportunity to purchase one. I know HTC does not make these base stations but it has left a bad taste In my mouth. For as expensive as the system is I would think I could use it for more than 58 hours without breaking. Does anyone know if HTC is able to replace the base stations or if anyone has been able to do a diy repair. Thanks.
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