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  1. The 5-point calibration, though good enough within a 10 degree radius of screen center, exhibits significant fall off of tracking into the periphery. I was wondering if it is at all possible to increase the eccentricity of calibration, to improve the tracking performance into the periphery? Alternatively, is it possible to increase the number of calibration points? I feel if this is meant to be a research tool, researchers should be able to adjust settings to suit their needs. @zzy @Daniel_Y
  2. Is there a breakdown to what is deemed "invalid"? Is this based on pupil detection, meaning is a sample considered invalid if the software cannot confidently determine the pupil? ( - tag added by moderator)
  3. While the program works well, I've found that calibration accuracy is highly dependent on the headset position and IPD. The calibration sequence allows for progression without perfectly centering the headset/IPD inside the dashed box. Whenever I've had the indicator towards the edge of the box (not perfectly centered), the tracking coordinates are shifted respectively.
  4. Hi all, We were wondering if there is a measure of how confidence output by the tracking system, meaning how confident the algorithm can say what it is detecting is a pupil? Thank you! ( - tag added by moderator)
  5. Hi all, We are looking to adjust the calibration settings to include more eccentric points in the periphery. Is there a way to interface with calibration in order to adjust these points which are sampled? We are also looking to change the method at which it advances IPD and headset location automatically. Currently, this feels a bit rushed and it advances even if the headset is not in a perfect location. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, We are looking to add more calibration points with greater eccentricity. Is it possible to interface with the calibration settings? Thanks!
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