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  1. Hi , I also have been getting the same initialization error. I found the SRanipal_Update_Service.exe application and ran it as administrator, causing a command terminal to open and close rapidly. How do I know if it is updating successfully and when will I know that it is done?
  2. Hey all, Our team just ordered the Vive Pro Eye and are looking to get the data onto AWS. We were wondering a few things. Does AWS Sumerian support the Vive Pro Eye? I know it supports the Vive Pro, but is the Vive Pro Eye essentially the same underlying software that still works? Since AWS Sumerian doesn't support accessing the head-tracking/eye-tracking data, would it be possible to simultaneously run a separate, simple application that streams the head-tracking/eye-tracking data to AWS?That is, AWS Sumerian/WebVR would run the visual simulation through the browser, while the other application would simultaneously read the head-tracking/eye-tracking data and stream it to AWS. As a follow up to 2) could such a simple application be run on a processor like the Raspberry Pi, while the visual processing was handled on the computer? Alternatively, could it be run as a browser extension on the client's computer? The reason I'm asking these questions is that we want to avoid installing as much software as possible. I know that the guaranteed alternative would be to set up a Unity application that does all of the following, but being able to run everything through a browser would be fantastic. Thanks for the info! ( - post tagged and moved to SRAnipal Forum by moderator)
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