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  1. If I buy a PlayStation from bestbuy, I don’t expect bestbuy will provide firmware fixes, that’s up to Sony.
  2. Stop making excuses and own the issues. Support your customer base.
  3. Well that’s all nice and good but the only updates to my system were steam. I intentionally disable every update mechanism so it doesn’t interrupt my play. Last time I played, everything worked well, now it’s unusable. If this is a confusing partnership, perhaps HTC needs to work closer with steam so that when they update the compositor, it doesn’t break your product.
  4. I bought my device from htc. The hardware I bought has a bug in the firmware. I’d say that’s the responsibility of the hardware manufacturer to sort out. Don’t pass the blame, own it, and fix it.
  5. don't worry, they pushed out an update to support the new devices, and in the process, bricked your headset. They don't seem to give a crap about their existing customers. I've got the same problem, but considering the controllers have had a bug reported for well over a year, which causes them to never stop charging, they have no intentions of fixing it when they could just sell you a new set instead. Enjoy your $2000 paperweight.
  6. This issue is well over a year old, my device has never worked properly from day 1. come on HTC, do something about this crap! And now tonight I tried to launch a game, and an update dropped a few days ago has left my $2000 headset completely useless! base stations cannot see my headset reliably from 6' away?! game flashes to the grey background more than the game. so, update the system to break it, ignore the controllers charging forever.. do you even care about your customers?
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