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  1. I have searched and read the other similar posts. I understand the CLEAR need to MUST use base stations when expecting ANY kind of tracking to be done during any game or application. There are times where only the MOUSE and HEADSET could be used for example VIEWING a video on a large screen. There could be a Front / Center default. Watching on a huge screen could chug merrily along. An older simpler game of flying always defaults to font/center anyway just like the Ski Down the Mountain game. Keyboard Arrows keys move the scenery right or left but the skyer always is center screen. Starting the Steam/Vive detection could Check For the base stations and if found go on like normal, but if NOT FOUND it could still activate the headset but only in that FRONT CENTER mode. Nowhere I have found is anyone asking the question this way or should I say MAKING THAT REQUEST. I humbly do so now. Garymatt
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